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So. Ever have one of those books (series) that it’s the HEART of your HEART?! The one story that if you never published anything EVER again, you’d be perfectly content?

Well, that is what The Droseran Saga is to me. And I’m thrilled-over-the-moon-squealing-Snoopy-dancing excited to announce–IT’S OFFICIAL!!! I have signed a 3-book contract with Enclave Publishing (A Gilead Imprint) for my science fiction (space opera) series, The Droseran Saga. Fall 2019 will bring the release of Brand of Light (Book 1). Originally, I wrote the first book in 2005–more than 90,000 words in 28 days. By and large, the story was intact, though I have learned a thing or two (or a hundred) about character arcs, storyworld building, etc., in the ensuing years as I wrote over 25 books/novellas!

Some of my suspense Rapid-Fire Fiction readers may be asking–what is a space opera? The simplest answers is: think Star Wars, Star Trek, Dark Matter, Killjoys, and–of course, Firefly! In a way, I guess you could say it’s a Ronie Kendig Rapid-Fire Fiction novel set in space. Hah. Okay, not really. Maybe. 😀

About the book:

Brand of Light (Book 1) – The planet of Drosero has long eschewed technology and interference from the Tertian Alliance, living and thriving peacefully. When an explosion decimates her clan, lone survivor Kersei Dragoumis is captured and becomes the unwitting pawn of the formidable space fleet seeking to control the valuable resources of her homeworld. A holy order hires bounty hunter Marco Dusan to hunt down the Droseran female–a simple task. However, Kersei’s determination to prove her innocence and find those responsible for the murder of her people awakens a terrible danger, irrevocably entwining their lives.

I cannot wait for y’all to meet Marco and Kersei, who have been in my head since November 2005–but here’s a small visualization. When writing, it helps me find an actor or model who embodies the appearance or “presence” of my characters. For Kersei–I chose Kendall Jenner because of her dark, curly hair in this picture and her complexion. For Marco, none other than Eduardo Verastegui is perfect!

AHHHH!!! I’m so so super stoked and thrilled. This is a dream come true and a very long time in the making!!

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  1. Amy

    Seeing the pictures of Marco and Kersei, has definitely upped my anticipation for your newest adventure. Congratulations on writing your heart’s desire.

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