Falcon – May 2015

Kendig blows fans away…!


Raptor got hit hard. They’re ready to even the score!

Special Forces operator Salvatore “Falcon” Russo vowed to never again speak to or trust Lieutenant Cassandra Walker after a tragedy four years ago. But as Raptor closes in on the cyber terrorists responsible for killing two of their own, Sal must put his life—and the lives of his teammates—in her hands.

Despite his anger, Cassie is ill-prepared for his resistance and the fallout when she must protect the one asset who can end the attacks.

As allies become enemies and hostiles become unlikely partners, Raptor fights for its very existence.



Once again, Kendig blows fans away with her action-packed military novel that includes love, romance, betrayal, death and everything in between. Salvatore “Falcon” Russo is a dynamic and multilayered character who is intriguing to readers. As Kendig reveals more of him throughout the novel, readers are at times both sympathetic and frustrated with his choices. Fast-moving, surprising and engaging, Falcon is a must-read. – RT Book Reviews

Dramatic military adventures with all the heart-stopping adrenaline and details is what Ronie Kendig is known for, and Falcon delivers it all. Ronie Kendig is a master storyteller. This reviewer does not normally talk to her books, but I found myself yelling “NO” into the pages! Ronie’s sense of humor is such a breath of fresh air in the midst of all of the intensity that I laughed so hard. There were even a few out-loud gasps. Falcon is a must read. Guaranteed, the only reason you will want to put it down is to catch your breath! ~~Cristel Phelps, CBA Retailers

FALCON could very well be a story ripped from today’s headlines… Ronie Kendig’s explosive ending to The Quiet Professionals Series will keep you reading with rapt attention! … The women of Raptor are inspiring! ~~Amanda Geaney, Christian Shelf Esteem


Raptor is back in this suspense-filled, action-packed continuation to the Quiet Professional series. Ronie Kendig doesn’t pull any punches in Hawk as she thrusts her readers headfirst into a boatload of danger and a frigid snowstorm that has even the reader fending off frostbite. ~Elizabeth Olmedo, Life Is Story 

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  1. Janice Brown

    My husband is enjoying the Quiet Professionals Series on CD while we travel to and from Florida. We just finished Raptor 6 and just ordered Hawk but cannot find Facon or Titanis….are they available on MP3 or CD??

    1. Post

      Hi, Janice. I’m so glad your husband enjoyed the Quiet Professionals. MP3 and CDs were handled through my publisher with a third party, and unfortunately and to my great frustration, they never did the final book. If it weren’t so expensive to do on my own, I would definitely hire it out to provide. I’m sorry!

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