Shadow of Honor

Shadow of Honor

He has one goal--keep the beasts out of the Quadrants

Held captive, Marco Dusan clings to one goal: keep his nightmarish captors from the Quadrants. But can he leave his beloved to fight Symmachia alone? Only when he uncovers the truth about an ancient conflict does Marco’s purpose become clear. The war he fears may be the very one he’s been called to start.


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Held captive, tortured by monsters of a nightmarish alien race, Marco Dusan clings to a final goal: keep these beasts from the Quadrants, even if it means orchestrating his own death. But his dreams betray that singular design. In them his bonded calls to him across lightyears. Does he leave her to fight Symmachia alone, or risk bringing an unwinnable war to every planet in the Quadrants?

On board the alien dreadnought, Eija Zacdari flounders, torn amidst military machinations, prophecies, and an inexplicable bond with one of the fearsome creatures who have imprisoned her friends. Only by uncovering the truth about an ancient conflict now shrouded in deception will she find her place.

Faced with her true identity, Eija sees her purpose snap into focus and realizes that the war Marco fears may be the very one he has been called to start.

Series: The Droseran Saga, Book 3
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Publisher: Enclave Publishing
Publication Year: 2022
ASIN: B09VT639K3
ISBN: 9781621842347
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Ronie Kendig embodies the very heart of speculative fiction, taking important human issues and exploring them against a backdrop of the most extraordinary circumstances. Kendig’s talent as a writer shines not only in her worldbuilding skills, but also in her ability to craft characters I can connect with on a deep level.
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