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    • War of Torment Preorder Campaign

      HERE IT IS!! Grab your WAR OF TORMENT preorder receipt and hop on over to the link below. Because here’s your chance to complete your Droseran Saga Swag Collection with new additions related to the epic conclusion, WAR OF TORMENT!! All art reveals are forthcoming … but I cannot wait …
    • War of Torment Cover Reveal!!

      PREORDER NOW! Y’all!! Here it is—the amazing cover for WAR OF TORMENT, the epic, tear-inducing conclusion to The Droseran Saga. I am THRILLED with this cover—the inimitable Kirk DouPonce hit every note I requested with deadly precision. WHAT DO YOU THINK??? WAR OF TORMENT will release April 11, 2023 and …

      PREORDER RANGE NOW!! RANGE officially releases September 30th–God willing and the creek don’t rise! The ebook is available on Amazon, and it will populate to other retail sites in the coming days. Paperback, as usual, will be available eventually–just takes longer as there are more hoops to jump through for …



Kendig weaves suspenseful intergalactic intrigue …

–Publishers Weekly

“… an epic story in the making …” -Booklist

2020 Carol Award Winner

ACFW Carol Award Winner

2020 Realm Award Winner

2020 Alliance Award Winner

Abiassa’s Fire Series 

Embers | Book 1

Ronie Kendig - Accelerant - Abiassa's Fire

Accelerant | Book 2

Fierian | Book 3

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