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    • War of Torment Cover Reveal!!

      PREORDER NOW! Y’all!! Here it is—the amazing cover for WAR OF TORMENT, the epic, tear-inducing conclusion to The Droseran Saga. I am THRILLED with this cover—the inimitable Kirk DouPonce hit every note I requested with deadly precision. WHAT DO YOU THINK??? WAR OF TORMENT will release April 11, 2023 and …

      PREORDER RANGE NOW!! RANGE officially releases September 30th–God willing and the creek don’t rise! The ebook is available on Amazon, and it will populate to other retail sites in the coming days. Paperback, as usual, will be available eventually–just takes longer as there are more hoops to jump through for …
    • Shadow of Honor Preorder Campaign Update

      A massive THANK YOU  to all my amazing readers!! You made the Shadow of Honor Preorder Campaign a massive success!! All Hardcover swag packs have been claimed. We started with 50 and those were claimed on the first day! So, I opened up for 20 more packets, and those were …

Fast-Rope Into Ronie’s Life

INTRODUCING Cyril D002, a retired military working dog we adopted from JBSA-Lackland San Antonio in January 2022. Cyril is a German Shepherd Dog/Belgian Malinois (Shepinois) mix who is 3 years old. Cyril was diagnosed with a compressed nerve in his spine, which caused him to end up on a medical hold. During this hold, Cyril grew stressed and anxious. He hated being left in the kennels and not working and became “gear aggressive.” His anxiety grew until the medical team felt the best solution for this sensitive but intense guy was to retire him, get him out of kennel life. When we met him in December 2021 for the first time, he was a very sweet boy, sitting quietly and totally working those brown eyes. When we returned in January for adoption, we were shocked to discover they had doubled his meds–without communicating that with the behaviorist, who was shocked to learn that–and he was quite drugged.

After an hour-long conversation with the MWD behaviorist, Brian felt Cyril was still right for us, so we went ahead with the adoption. To say he’s a handful is a massive understatement, and this gorgeous, hard-hitting boy has really challenged us. We’ve spent thousands already to get him the training he needs to divert his leash aggression, and while we’ve made big inroads, this guy has a long way to go until he figures out what “home” means (and that our sectional sofa is NOT one big massive bite sleeve). I am excited to see this guy’s personality re-emerge as he’s now down to only one anxiety med and we’ll soon wean him off that.


DAWN OF VENGEANCEKendig weaves suspenseful intergalactic intrigue in the entertaining second space opera. – Publishers Weekly –Publishers Weekly

BRAND OF LIGHT“… an epic story in the making …” -Booklist

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