Kardia Illustration Reveal!

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ILLUSTRATION REVEAL!!! Look at this gorgeous rendering of KARDIA, the capital of Kalonica and residence of the royal family from the Droseran Saga.
Originally when I wrote of Kardia, I had something in mind that more resembled Kensington Palace, but as this illustration came to life, I realized I had it wrong. The royal residence would not be simple, not in Kalonica. Not as the most powerful realm on Drosero, home to centuries of medoras. So, I let the incredible Laura Hollingsworth take the lead and was thrilled with how it came out. You will see much more of Kardia in DAWN OF VENGEANCE as well as the third book.
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Massive thanks to loyal reader Jessica Blackman who sponsored this illustration.

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  1. Bernadette Margin

    Really enjoy your books. Just completed Dawn of Vengeance and I’m excited for Book 3! Love Marco and his growth. And the wise Isaura (beautiful name) is a great match to him. However, you must not leave readers hanging….Have you and your agent determined a release date for Book 3.

    Meanwhile I’ll console myself with book 3 The book of the wars…Soul Raging.

    1. Post

      Thank you, Bernadette! So glad you’re enjoying the Droseran Saga and Marco’s journey. Book 3 needs some extra love and finesse to tie up alllll the lose threads, so we’re looking at–instead of Dec 2021–a summer 2022 release. I know that’s forever away, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

  2. Deborah Noe

    Could you print a copy of Drosera map and their quadrants? The maps in the book (Kindle) are to small to read. Thanks.

    1. Post

      Hi, Deborah. You can purchase a printed, colorized 5×7 of the map via our webstore. However, we do not make them available for download.

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