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And now, without any further ado…

Today, it’s my great honor to host Margaret Daley

and her latest release, SHATTERED SILENCE!

Margaret currently serves as the president of ACFW and has contributed so very much not only to that amazing community of writers, but has given of her time to authors by helping promote their releases. I have benefited from her generosity with my new releases, so it is a wonderful thing that I get to return that favor in a small way.


Why I Wrote Shattered Silence

By Margaret Daley

I taught middle and high school for twenty-seven years, and I consoled many kids over those years that were being bullied. It broke my heart. The students I taught were children with special needs. Other kids sometimes made fun of them or had them do things then laugh at them. I do not tolerate bullying then and now. That’s why I wrote Shattered Silence.

As an aside, I started a peer-tutoring program at the high school where I taught. Over the years I had a lot of popular kids take the class (top academic teens, cheerleaders, football players) and help out students who needed a peer tutor. One of those students went on to play pro football and another one became Miss Oklahoma. What was a wonderful benefit for my students with special needs was they developed friendships with their peer tutors. Those same peer tutors were the ones who stepped in and stopped other kids from making fun of my students.

I wanted to show different situations where a person was bullied (abused) by another. One storyline is centered around a high school student. The two other subplots concern the workplace and an abusive marriage. When someone is bullied, it leaves a lasting mark on that person. I’ve talked with many adults who can distinctively remember the circumstances around a bullying incident they were in the middle of.

It isn’t always the outcasts or overweight kid or geek that are bullied. I have a friend whose daughter is beautiful and smart and was a cheerleader for her high school. Her last semester of high school was done at home through online courses because there were girls at the school that bullied her and made her life miserable. She became physically ill.

For her and the thousands of people who are bullied all over the world I wrote Shattered Silence. I didn’t just present the situation of being bullied but offered a few suggestions for improving the situation.

October 2012 is National Bullying Prevention Month. October is the month that Shattered Silence is being published by Abingdon Press. Spread the word: Stop bullies. There are three groups involved in a bullying situation: the bully (or bullies), the person bullied and the spectators. The spectators are the ones in the triangle that can step in and change the situation. Speak up.

Resources for people (especially parents) about bullying:

 National Bullying Prevention Center

 National Bullying Preventing Month–October 2012

 Bullying Prevention Awareness Month-October 2012

Below is a picture of me with a Texas Ranger from Company B who helped me by answering questions about the law enforcement organization.

Blurb for Shattered Silence by Margaret Daley:

A serial killer is targeting illegal aliens in southern Texas. Texas Ranger Cody Jackson is paired with a local police officer, Liliana Rodriguez, to investigate the murders.

While the case brings Cody and Liliana ever closer, the tension between Americans and Mexican Americans heightens. As Cody and Liliana race to discover who is behind the murders and bring peace to the area, what they uncover isn’t what they expected. Will Cody and Liliana’s faith and love be strong enough to survive the storm of violence?


You can purchase MARGARET DALEY’s novel, SHATTERED SILENCE, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD, or at your local bookstore.

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  1. Sarah Penner

    I am really intrigued to read Margaret’s book! We’re dealing with a lot of bullying issues up here lately and I am looking forward to reading her suggestions! Thanks for the fun hunt Ladies!

  2. Marianne

    oh, i was to comment on the exclusive. That’s awesome, Margaret starting the mentoring thing. i think often bullying comes because they can and when someone popular says no, it’s kinda blah after that.

  3. kayleigh

    I am a big fan of suspence and action and your books look like just what i need. I am so glad for this scavenger hunt otherwise i wouldn’t have found so many new authors!!!!

  4. Lisa Greybill

    Bullying disgusts me. Social networking has made it even worse, as teens can post pictures and comments on one another’s pages. I’m not dissing Facebook (I have a page) but, just like many things, it can be used to do a lot of good or used to ruin lives. My prayers go out to all people (children teens and adults) who deal with bullies. Remember: God loves us just as we are!

  5. Janelle

    I think it’s great that Ms. Daley is writing on the subject of bullying. It has always been an issue but I’m so glad that so many people are talking about it and working with children and adults alike to help stop it!

    I followed you on Facebook and I tweeted your message:

    I read a review of your book Trinity on Goodreads, it is on my list to read. I really look forward to reading it!

  6. Melisa N.

    Hey Ronie,
    So, I have all your books, so I just wanted to say hi, and I am loving the scavenger hunt!!! As you have heard me post on FB many times I absolutely love all your books!!!

  7. Stacey

    Hi Ronie…I would love to read some of your books as my brother is in the military. He just returned from the fighting. I think your books would be interesting for me to read but also good to pass on to him! Thanks! Stacey

  8. Liz Riggs

    It saddens me to see how much bullying we have nowadays but I’m also glad people are speaking out against it and so much light is finally being cast on the subject. Bullying can leave lasting scars and no one should have to go through that, especially alone.

    Margaret’s novels sound fantastic and I need to get started on them! Ronie, I’d love to win a copy of one of your’s!

  9. Susan Stitch

    So thankful that Margaret Daley was there to support kids with special needs — especially if they were being bullied! I imagine you (she) are proud of the accomplishments those kids have made. Ronie, LOVE your Discarded Hero series and can’t wait to read Trinity.

  10. Connie R.

    I would love to read your books, any of them, and I appreciate the fact that you’ve taken on the subject of bullying. Happens so often, and in years past was essentially ignored.

  11. Judi Jorgensen

    So looking forward to reading more of your books. You cover very good subjects and you get to the heart of the problems. Keep it up.

  12. Ruth U

    I’m definitely going to be looking for Margaret’s books! I love that she’s using her talents to talk about bullying in a way that is fresh and just might get some attention where outright talking about ‘”it’s bad to bully” might not! (the story looks pretty interesting too!) oh…..and I’d LOVE to win one of your books Ronie! I love your writing, I actually just ordered all of your discarded heroes series from my local library so I could REread them!

  13. Lois Herron

    Recently read “Central Park Rendezvous”. Loved following a storyline from one generation to the next all in one book. Great fun!

  14. Marisa

    After reading the exclusive material, I am reminded once again how blessed I am to be homeschooled. Bullying is a sad thing which messes up kids’ lives. I have to say that I read “Saving Hope” by Margaret Daley and absolutely loved it! I’m looking forward to reading Shattered Silence and Trinity: Military Dog!!

  15. PatriciaW

    Shattered Silence features bullying in many forms–at school, domestic violence, community terror. I think if we start to recognize these and other forms of bullying and stand up to it from the earliest of ages to any age, we’ll be a better society.

  16. Susan S

    My son was bullied relentlessly in sixth and seventh grade. We moved so he could start life fresh for 8th grade. We don’t have a lot of money. We actually live paycheck to paycheck and still cannot pay everything, yet he was so important to us that we put our house on the market (it still hasn’t sold) and moved several states away. It has changed his life! He has friends here. He has a self esteem. He no longer believes what the children said to him. He is opening up more about what happened.

    My sisters and I were bullied too. We lived in the same place my son grew up. It has made a lasting impression on me. There wasn’t just one incident. It happened every single day of high school.

    I want to thank people like you who stick up for people. My son sticks up for people here when he hears something mean and it has made a difference in those children’s life already. Plus, people don’t do it around him. People can make a difference!

    1. Susan S.

      My last name is Stahley (which I have been commenting under the other blog posts with), but I didn’t want to leave my first name and last name together in case someone googled my name. My son is the most important thing to me and I definitely don’t want one of his harassers to read this and have a reason to bully him from several states away.

      1. Margaret Daley

        Susan, my heart goes out to children (and adults) who go through what you and your son have endured. I’m so glad everything has worked out for your son by your move. As a teacher I never took any comment about bullying lightly. I saw how it could change kids. This can be prevented, especially when more and more people tell the bullies it will not be tolerated. Thank you for the post, Susan.

  17. amy campbell

    I have been following Margaret for some time. I find very encouraging that she has been against bullying and so vocal about it. I have Shattered Silence and look forward to reading it.
    I follow you and facebook and tweeted.
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  18. Marie

    I have some of Daley’s books on Kindle.. this one looks great since I am a Texas and very interested in how she handles the Mexican American material… & I can appreciate the Bullying sentiments as well in this tough time for our kids! Thanks for the giveaway, I liked on FB and Tweeted (@BurtonReview).. I LOVED Central Park Rendezvous, I highly recommend that one!

  19. Becky Doughty


    What a wonderful premise for your book – bullying is a VERY real problem these days. I wish I knew why it has become such a terrible thing – my own daughter is home schooled because I saw evidence of it already in 1st GRADE!!!! It wasn’t severely affecting her at that point, but I saw the direction it was going in and we made the call early to not wait until it was too late. Very sad.


  20. Brenda Hurley

    Margaret’s book “Shattered Silence” is needed in this day-and-age we live in, as bullying is totally out of control — we’re hearing about it daily in the news. Good for her to write a book/story about this sensitive issue.
    I would love to win one of your novels, Ronie …. namely: “Trinity, Military War Dog”. I own and have read – “Central Park Rendezvous” .. and enjoyed it thoroughly.
    Thank-you for this opportunity.
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  21. Angela Bell

    Great post. I’d love a chance to win your books. This Scavenger Hunt is fun!

    Bullying is a huge problem that all parents, teachers, and youth leaders need to be aware of. It’s not just a matter of “teen drama”. It’s serious.

    1. Post

      Lisa – Random Number Generator chose you as one of five winners for my books. Please email me (ronie [at] roniekendig [dot] com) with your snail mail address and which book of mine, you’d like to receive! THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS!!

  22. Rebekah Gyger

    For some reason most of this blog is cut off on my screen so I am hoping that I am responding correctly to this. I think it is a good idea to help out kids that are bullied. There is a lot of bullying at my siblings schools and what is being done is not working.

  23. Carla

    I just liked you on FB. I dont tweet yet 🙁
    Thank you so much for doing this hunt. I have never done one of these before. Is is fun, and so informative ! A great way to find new authors. Bullying is such a problem these days ! ! ! Thanks for addressing the issue 🙂

    I read LOTS of Christian fiction, but never any of yours! I would love to win one of your books Ronie – Hopefully NIGHTSHADE.
    I am a church librarian, so I always donate all my books to the library when I’m done, so many others can enjoy them too !

    1. Post

      Carla – Random Number Generator chose you as one of five winners for my books. Please email me (ronie [at] roniekendig [dot] com) with your snail mail address and which book of mine, you’d like to receive! THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS!!

  24. Tracy

    Thank you for taking a stand. I have walked through this and it is a hard road. Can’t wait to read this and I am so happy that you are supporting those that may not have a voice.

  25. Shannon Gillette

    Thank you so much for participating in this hunt, it really has been a lot of fun. I have also found some new authors to check out, you included 🙂 Thank you for addressing bullying. This is an ongoing problem in today’s society, especially schools. I have 2 teenage daughters in high school, and sometimes it just breaks my heart what goes on in the schools. Also, the teachers are so limited and afraid to get involved 🙁

  26. Delsie Konoske

    Thank you for writing about bullying…especially when it comes in so many different forms and circumstances, and in all walks of life and all ages.

  27. Paula Osborne

    enjoyed the story of the Trinity, thanks for sharing -this is such an interesting “Hunt”, like Margaret’s Texas Ranger too….

  28. Rina

    I’ve seen review about Trinity around the blogosphere and I’d love to read it. Thanks for the giveaway! “Liked” you on fb (my initials are KS) and I”m not on twitter.

    1. Post

      Rina – Random Number Generator selected you as one of the five winners. Please email me ronie @roniekendig [dot] com and let me know which of my books you would like to receive, along with your email address. THANK YOU!

  29. Julie @ My Favorite Pastime

    Bullying should never be tolerated! It is horrible when a child doesn’t want to go to school because they are tormented so much by their peers. I’m glad to see that as a teacher Margaret was able to enlist peer protectors for her special students.

  30. Debbie Mitchell

    Bullying has become a huge problem and I admire those who actually go out and do something about it. God bless you.

  31. ladysaotome

    Bullying is something that has me so nervous as my daughter gets older. It’s something I would hate for her to experience. I think we have taught her well enough that she would never bully but I want her to have the strength of character to defend others, too. (& I tweeted & Liked on Facebook!)

    1. Margaret Daley

      I know what you mean. Now I have four granddaughters and we have already had a problem with my ten year old last year with a bully. She was so angry and upset when she would come home from school and didn’t want to go to school. After talking with her, her mother discovered what was going on and reported it to the teacher. Thankfully the issue was taken care of.

  32. Jasmine A.

    Bullying seems to be such an epidemic that everyone has been touched by it, my younger brother was bullied at a place he should have been safe from that but sadly he wasn’t. Side note, my brother is now in his early 20’s and is doing great.

  33. Stephanie

    Thank you for sharing the background to your story! I often wonder where a story comes from (I always wonder that with songs too) for an author. What is on their heart? What is happening around them? I love knowing the “why”. 🙂

  34. Selina

    Some people in my speech class are doing their group project on bullying. It’s a tough issue. Good to see Christian authors taking it on.

  35. Jacinta Claypool

    I read the first book in the Texas Ranger series. Loved it! It was the first book from Margaret Daley I had read. She is gifted and I am looking forward to reading Shattered.

  36. Cherie Kasper

    I so totally admire you for what you’ve done as a teacher and a writer, including the bullying in your books. I would love to have the Central Park Redevous book, one of my friends and favorite authors contributed to this book. I would also love to read Ronnie’s book on military fiction

  37. Brittaney

    I read Margaret’s book From This Day Forward and am really looking forward to her latest. I would also really love to have a copy of your newest book. I read the Discarded Heroes series and fell in love with your writing.

  38. Sharon

    No one likes bullying ! Hopefully if enough attention is brought to it, it will reduce in incidence.
    Thanks for the opportunity to meet all the new authors !

  39. Megan Parsons

    I can just imagine all the bullying you have witnessed having been a teacher. It’s sad that people bully others. Thanks for sticking up for them and writing this amazing book!

  40. Nancy

    I have all of your books, Ronie, except for the last one. Would LOVE to have that one too 🙂 And Margaret, I think I’ve read most of your books also.

  41. Tena

    I have never read any of your books, but I applaud you for writing one about bullying. It would be interesting to read, I’m sure.

  42. Sarah

    I was immediately drawn in by the title and cover for Shattered Silence, but having read about the themes, I’m very intrigued and will definitely check it out.

    On a related note, I’d never read any Christian “action/suspense/romance” (not really sure how to categorize it) until a few weeks ago when I picked up Nightshade. Very much enjoyed it!

  43. Chelsea

    Thank you for writing about this subject Margaret! I think several people tend to just ignore it when it doesn’t happen to them, and those that aren’t ignoring it outright aren’t out there actually hunting for it, they only actually pay attention if it comes up right in front of them.

    Ronie, I love your books! I stumbled on Wolfsbane completely by accident, but I read that one quickly and then started reading the rest of the Discarded Heroes in order. I even got my mom hooked on them and then we found Dead Reckoning, and now I’m waiting on Trinity from the library.

  44. Judy Burgi

    Bullying seems as though it is getting worse. I’m sure teachers see their fair share. I am pleased that that you wrote about this topic!

  45. Jordan Sims

    I liked reading about Margaret’s new book, and I like the picture with the officer. I think it would neat for to be a part of making a novel more authentic.

    I liked you on Facebook.

    I would LOVE to read Central Park Rendevous!


  46. NancyNancy Luebke

    I’ve was looking for some more good authors when I hit this scavenger hunt and now I’ve hit the motherload. All these books sound so great.

  47. Shantelle

    I’ve never read any of Margaret’s books… but Shattered Silence sounds good! Also, I liked and appreciate her speaking about bullying…
    Thanks for being part of this hunt! 🙂

  48. Mocha with Linda

    Don’t enter me – I have all your books and Shattered Silence, too. Just had to pop in and give a cyber hug to you and Margaret! Loving the Scavenger Hunt!!

    And for those who haven’t read books by these ladies, you will want to get them ASAP! You are in for a treat!!

  49. wanda barefoot

    Bullying has gotten so out of hand the past few years. So many kids are commiting suicide because of being bullied by others. I am so glad people are starting to stand up and tell their stories in order to help others. I think it’s fantastic you are writing about it. I have no doubt it will help alot of people.

    1. Margaret Daley

      Wanda, that is the sad consequence that is happening because of bullying. Young people don’t know what to do about being bullied. They feel so alone. They are angry, hurt and confused.

  50. Kristie Truett

    I really love reading about a person that has a heart such as Margaret Daley. Bullying is a problem that doesn’t have to be as bad in our local schools as it is but unfortunately many other kids and staff don’t take the genuine time and interest to help stop it. My children used to attend an Elementary school that I fell in love with. They had a no bullying program that was next to none. Instead of negative discipline like on the playground they would find the bullies and then ask them to be the attendants assistants who could help find other bullies as they were taught why it’s wrong. They got to watch the reaction and see the hurt they caused and many kids wrote letters posted on the walls apologizing for their behavior. I love hearing about women like Margaret that take action. I can’t wait to read some of her book, “Shattered Silence” and continue to read more of yours!!! Just and FYI, “Trinity” is my new favorite book and I’m dying waiting for the next one!! God bless.

  51. Anneliese

    Bullying has always been a problem, but it seems to be getting worse. There are very few people who would go out of their way to take a stand against it. Thank you!

    I’ve liked your page on Facebook & tweeted about your book “Trinity”. Sounds like such an amazing story!

    – Anneliese

    1. Post

      Anneliese – Random Number Generator selected you as one of five winners. Please email your snail mail address along with which book of mine you’d like to receive. ronie [at] roniekendig [dot] com. Thank you!!!

  52. Tammy Doherty

    I’ve read a couple of Margaret Daley’s LI books & loved them, so I’m sure this one will be great, too. I also know what a kind, friendly, helpful lady Margaret is for newbie and wanna-be authors. It comes as no surprise that she was such a defender and supporter as a school teacher. Wish there were more teachers like that today!

  53. June

    I have read most of Margaret Daley’s books and loved each one. Her current book is on my night stand at this moment (with a handful of others) and I am looking forward to reading it in the next couple of weeks.

    Trinity looks like a very good book. Will be reading it in the near future also.

  54. Lynnae

    I am glad that Margaret Daley is tackling the subject of bullying. I also worked with the special needs population, and it’s hard to see the students get bullied on top of all the other things they must try so hard to overcome.

  55. Randi

    I appreciate Margaret’s stand on bullying. I am working toward being a school counselor, and this is a topic we discuss frequently in my classes. While in school, I am working in an elementary special education classroom. The other students nearly always look at my students with love and total acceptance. I so appreciate their innocence and their willingness to see the similarities, rather than the differences, between each other!

    1. Margaret Daley

      Randi, good luck with being a school counselor. I have some good friends who do that. I’m seeing special needs students being more accepted because they are more involved with the other kids in the school. Elementary school is a great place to start that.

  56. Lauri P.

    This book sounds wonderful! It is a crucial topic right now.

    Thank you both for taking part in this, I’m blessed to know you!

  57. Natalie Holmgren

    I want to read @RonieKendig’s Trinity #militaryfiction

    I would love to read ANY of the books…Thanks so much all you authors!

  58. jhtwriter

    Being a non-athlete in a high school driven by athletics, I was often bullied. To this day, I wouldn’t go back to high school if you paid me. I also had teachers bully me.

  59. Becky

    Thank you for writing about situations that often aren’t talked about. I am proud of you for starting a peer group to make all students well rounded.

  60. Sally

    Loving this scavenger hunt. I’m learning about so many authors I’ve never seen before. Would love to win one of your books, Ronie, and one of Margaret’s, too!

  61. Susan Grondin

    I’ve read Margaret Daley’s Saving Hope: Men of the Texas Rangers Book 1. I loved the depth of the characters of Wyatt and Kate. The suspense and romance with the surprise ending are all you could ask for. I can’t wait to read Shattered Silence…both books highlight cultural problems and that’s also educational!

  62. Meagan

    Bullying is such a problem. I’ve seen this where I work and live. There have been 3 YA/teen suicides in the last year where in live (small, rural area under 4,000 people) and bullying is believed to have been the cause. It is so sad because you are left wondering if you could have said something that could have helped, something to counter the hurtful words that were said or posted online. When someone hurts so much that they feel this is their only escape, it is a sad commentary on the inhumanity of those who have driven them to this step. But then one has to wonder what is the bully suffering from in their own life.

    I tweeted at

  63. Lynn Riddick

    I have a customer who picked up Margaret Daley’s books and told me I just HAVE to read them – they’re now on my “to read” pile.
    Bullying is a terrible, terrible thing and not just for the young and the student. We recently had an incident here where a teacher (my friend’s dad) took his life because of bullying by the principle. We assume it stops when we grow up but that’s not necessarily true.

  64. Hannah

    Hi Ronie!
    I’ve known Margaret for awhile and she’s wonderful, isn’t she?? Loves her some flamingos as I recall lol 🙂 I think it’s very courageous of her to write on such a demanding topic as bullying. With so many young people being bullied and it being on the rise, it’s a shame that more can’t be done. Hopefully by getting the word out there more and more people will be aware of it and cut it out! Why all the hate? What’s the need for it? All it does is cause more hurt…there’s enough of that and then some as it is.

    I haven’t read any of your books, unfortunately, but the Digital ones have always caught my eye. Thank you so much for being a part of the hunt! I look forward to looking more closely into your books 🙂 I’m a Facebook fan!

  65. Glenda Alexander

    I would love to win Trinity: Military War Dog

    It is clear that Margaret Daley has taken a stand for our children, I look forward to reading her books.

    Thanks for the Scavenger Hunt! Love it!

  66. Marissa

    Would love to read Margaret’s book!!

    I’m a senior in high school right now, and although I don’t see bullying happening, I know it’s there. I’m glad you wrote a book about it!

  67. Dana

    I love the fact that you fight for the underdogs! Thanks for participating in this scavenger hunt. I look forward to reading your books!

  68. Rachelle Williams

    I can’t say off hand that I recognize having read Margaret Daley’s books. Although, I love anything remotely “Western” – ranching, Texas Rangers, horses, Colorado, Texas, etc… Ronie I can’t wait to read Trinity! I am finding wonderful authors on my first Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt – this is great! Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. Post

      Rachelle – Random Number Generator chose you as one of five winners for my books. Please email me (ronie [at] roniekendig [dot] com) with your snail mail address and which book of mine, you’d like to receive! THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS!!

  69. Wendy

    I’m interested in reading Ms. Daley’s books. It sounds like they cover quite a variety of topics. (And I’ve liked her on facebook.)

  70. Debbie

    Thanks, Margaret, for the work you do with so many students and for reaching out even further with your new book about bullying. I was also glad to see you mention that anyone can be bullied, not only people who fit a certain stereotype.

    I would be very interested in reading Ronie’s book about Trinity. I think German Shepherds are beautiful dogs and it would be great to see how a dog is instrumental in military actions.

  71. sharon m.

    Like action and social issues. Bullying would be very interesting and up to date with today.
    I also notice an Amish book and I really devour this topic.

  72. Carolyn Gould

    This is a tough subject to tackle. Thanks for being passionate about it. It’s definitely a book I would like to pick up!

  73. Laura Wilson

    I agree with Margaret Daley that bullying is wrong, whether it is caused by family, friend or enemy. I think teasing is one of the worst kinds of bullying. I studied to be an Educational Assistant to work with people with disabilities so I also have that in common with Margaret.

    I would love to win Trinity. Just the cover alone won me over. I used to have a german shepherd growing up and every time I see one I want to get another one. =)

    Laura Wilson

  74. Naomi Shores

    I love your books and can’t wait to read about Talon and Beouwolf. Margaret’s book looks really good! I am currently reading your book “Dead Reckoning” and really enjoying it.

  75. Heather

    Thank you for participating in such a fun, unique event! I enjoyed hearing the premise of Margaret’s new book! Thanks again! I also “liked” you on Facebook. 🙂

  76. Brenda

    It’s so sad the way bullying has become an epidemic. Glad to see how people like Margaret have taken a stand to fight back for those who are bullied.

    Thanks for being a stop on the scavenger hunt. I already follow you on FB and I tweeted about Nightshade because I want to read your discarded heroes series!

  77. Susan P

    I don’t deal with bullying too much because I homeschool. Sadly, though, it does show up in our church. I am happy someone is addressing this!
    I follow you on FB also!

  78. Steph Q

    All of ROnie’s books look great, and Margaret’s book is about asubject that touches all of us, in one way or another. Looking forward to reading them!

  79. Ramona

    Bullying surely needs to be written about instead of being hidden away. It cannot be ignored, hoping it will just go away. This and other issues don’t just resolve by themselves.

  80. Lynda

    Thank you, Ms. Daley, for your work in our schools and for speaking out against bullying. I have two girls in elementary school so it’s an issue that we’ll be facing all too soon.

  81. Lisa E.

    Margaret Daley sounds like a special lady. I was bullied as a child because I had Juvenile Arthritis, so I fully understand the importance of the program she created. Children shouldn’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, or scared as school — they should feel safe. School should be a place to learn, and children can’t learn when they feel ashamed, embarrassed, belittled, or scared. From what I’ve seen, bullying is worse now than ever. We need more teachers like Margaret to step up and speak out against it.

  82. SandyKay Briggs

    I am currently reading Margaret’s books right now! Just finishing up Shattered Silence. Looking so forward to finding your books as well. They look like they will be some of my favorites.

  83. Donna sorrells

    Hello Ronnie, you know I’ve read them all!!! Looking forward to the next one as well. I’ve also read many of your fellow authors. I’m off to find shattered silence shortly!

  84. Kim

    I liked your facebook page and tweeted! 🙂

    Thanks, Margaret, for the resources on bullying! It’s such a horrible issue that needs to be dealt with for sure.


  85. Elizabeth

    Bullying is such a well-spread issue these days…I definitely think this is something that needs to be addressed! People need to realize that no matter what, their actions and words impact others lives, even if they laugh it off or ignore it.

  86. Andrea Williams

    Loved reading about the reason behind Margaret Daley’s latest book. There are so many good books on this hunt! Thanks

  87. DebH

    Shattered Silence sounds fascinating. i think most people have experienced bullying in their lifetime, either as the bully, bullied or spectator. i keep praying for my little boy to be protected from such an awful experience. i know i will be teaching him to stand up for others as well as himself should a bully arise.

    thanks for sharing about the book.

  88. Claudia

    As a teacher I would love to read this book. I have taught both special education students in self-contained and inclusion settings.

  89. shelly

    First of all, wow middle & high school is a challenging area to teach. Hats off to you! And bullying is such a great topic to write about. Thanks for entering me in your drawing.

  90. Andrea

    I live that Margaret has started a peer tutoring program. What a great way to help these children learn more about their peers who are struggling, by working with them one on one!
    Thank you for being a part of this scavenger hunt! I have liked your page on Facebook and I look forward to reading your books soon!

  91. Judy

    Ronie is a new author to me and her books look very good and I will be purchasing one soon. thanks for the fun of this scavenger hunt!

  92. Barbara H.

    Bullying is horrible, and I commend Margaret for doing what she can against it.

    I don’t think I have ever heard of either of you before — this scavenger hunt is great for discovering new authors!

  93. Candice

    I was thankfully never bullied in school – maybe picked on a few times, but not really bullied. It is so sad to see on the news about kids who are bullied. I think Margaret’s tutoring program is great and it’s neat to hear how her students became friends.
    Ronie – I LOVE your books, I have all the Discarded Heroes and can’t wait to read Trinity! By the way, I already follow you on FB – that’s how I knew about this Scavenger Hunt!

  94. Donna

    I am a special education consultant and work in high schools. I see and work with students with disabilities who are bullied and this is a passion of mine too. I am very excited to read this book and to make use of the resources on this site! Very inspirational!

  95. Cathy Wieneke

    This is a great cause. Both I and my children struggled with bullies when we were in school. The peer tutoring program is a wonderful idea! I hope more teachers will implement that. Great work! Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  96. Melodi

    So glad to know that someone is writing about the hard, hurtful topic of bullying. I used to be a youth pastor and would hear about this often. Now I have two small children and am praying that they will be leaders in their generation to help stem the tide of bullying.

  97. Sandy A

    Bullying is such a hurtful experience for all ages. So glad that Margaret is able to work with some in this situation. Hopefully her book can also make others aware of how prolific bullying is in many areas.

  98. Halita Wilson

    Hello there. My name is Halita Wilson. I think its great that you taught some special needs children. I am hearing impaired myself and I was truly inspired by your heart to stop bullying and to help people.

  99. Faye

    Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity, and I’ve been meaning to read one of Ms. Daley’s books for a long time, hopefully I’ll get around to it soon!

  100. apple blossom

    oh, I have Ronie’s Digitalis and Wolfsbane and my teen daughter just loves them would love chance to win more of her books thanks.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  101. Kimberly

    Margaret’s new book sounds like a great read! I enjoy stories that reflect real-life issues and help teach readers how to deal with those issues in a Godly way.

  102. Cindy Woolard

    I am a BIG FAN of Margaret Daley’s work. SHATTERED SILENCE was an excellent read! Can’t say enough about her work! Love you Margaret!

    🙂 Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  103. CaraG

    Wish all schools had a peer-tutoring program like the one mentioned. I applaud anyone who works to end bullying through ways that teach.

  104. Laura Wake

    I am glad you point out that not all bullying is kids…I was a victim of bullying in my marriage….I have since gotten out as best as I can but will never be able to completely escape, as my ex and I share 4 beautiful children….but I am doing the best I can for me and my kids and I know God is walking this road with us. I definitely want to read your book and share it with my daughter.

  105. Katie McCurdy

    This is so much fun!! 😀

    I have Margaret’s new book, Shattered Silence, in my TBR pile that I plan to read next! 😀 I think that is so cool how Margaret wrote her book about stopping bullies. Very cool, I am REALLY looking forward to reading it now 🙂

    Oh, and I did all the extra entries you listed 🙂

  106. Gretchen

    I read your Discarded Heroes series and loved it! I would enjoy reading “Trinity.” I think that Marta Perry writing about bullying is very timely.

  107. Sapphire

    I love it when authors have some major social issue they’re addressing in their book. That’s the difference between art and entertainment, to me – a larger purpose. Not that entertainment alone is a bad thing. 🙂

  108. Sharon

    As a middle school teacher myself, I understand exactly what Margaret is talking about. Bullying and abuse is something that is touching so many children and adults these days. I think this book will fill a much needed gap in books dealing with these subjects.

  109. Gailya Keller

    Margaret’s book sounds amazing!! I can’t wait to start reading and enjoying all the authors from the wonderful “Hunt”!!!

  110. Rose Marie Kelley

    Bullying among children is a sad reality. I think the idea of peer tutors is awesome for it teaches the children that they are responsible to stand up for the ones who cannot stand up for themselves.

  111. DarcyO

    Bullying is so prevalent, it’s great that Margaret is writing about it. I’m enjoying the “hunt” so far and meeting many new authors.

  112. Brittney D.

    I love that Margaret Daley is making a difference in the area of bullying for these children. Bullying has become such a big issue, and anyone who stands up can help make a difference.

  113. Leah

    My brothers are both army officers, so I have a strong allegiance to the military. I look forward to reading Trinity and your others books!

  114. Tyleia H

    Bullying is such a sad and dangerous issue and anything that can bring it to light and prevent/change it is a good thing. I worry for my children. I don’t want them bullied or to be a bully or a spectator. I plan to read Margaret D’s book so I can be more aware for my children (as well as in my profession as a mental health professional).

    I also wanted to note I am very excited to have discovered you as an author. I am an Army Brat and am now living the civilian life but I love love love my military history and cannot wait to revisit it in your books while also growing in my faith

  115. Jes

    “When someone is bullied, it leaves a lasting mark on that person.” – so true . My sibling was bullied in high school and changed schools because of it.

  116. Bonnie

    Would like to read what Margaret has written about bullying – my best friend has a granddaughter who is being tormented by bullies at school. Thanks!

  117. Robyn Conners

    I have not read any of your books but am definitely putting them in the TBR pile. Bullying has gone too far and needs to stop. What a blessing that she has become a voice for those that can’t speak for themselves

  118. Lindy Enlow

    Being the mother of an autistic son I know how much bullying goes on in schools, etc. Thank you for standing up to these bullies!!

  119. Kelly

    Loved the Discarded Heroes series & look forward to reading Trinity! Margaret Daley’s Shattered Silence also sounds like a great read. I love the work she is doing w/ peer tutoring! What a great idea. Hope there are similar programs throughout this country.

  120. Laura

    I have a cousin with special needs and worked my way through college assisting adult women with developmental disabilities. In 35 years, I look back and think of it as my favorite job. I’m so encouraged by what Margaret Daley is doing.

  121. Ruth Ann Dell

    Shattered Silence sounds like a really good read. I love that you suggest ways to improve the situation for the victims of bullies.

    Thanks for the scavenger hunt, it’s great fun.

    God bless

    Ruth Ann Dell

  122. Ronnell Kay Gibson

    Having one child in middle school and one in elementary school I see that bullying is a huge issue. The peer mentoring is an idea all schools should adopt. Thanks for making a difference! Any book in the Discarded series sounds interesting, top of my list would be Digitalis.

  123. Karen R

    Your books sound really interesting~ look forward to reading them soon. Thank you for sharing about your teaching experiences & ways to stop bullying.

  124. Kathy

    I’d love to win one of your books Ronie, the first four are on my tbr list. And it’s always interesting to read the story behind the story – so thanks for sharing Margaret.

  125. Elisabeth S.

    Thank you for hosting Margaret’s Shattered Silence on your blog for the scavenger hunt. I was bullied quite a bit as a child and any book that can spread awareness about the effects I am all for! Thanks for being part of the hunt. I have liked you on facebook and tweeted about the book Trinity! Looks wonderful!

  126. Joanna

    I have read many of Margaret Daley’s books, and appreciate that they are readily available at multiple stores-even in small communities, and that I can trust her books to deliver a clean, well-written story.

  127. Natalie W.

    I am glad Ms. Daly is writing about bullying. It is becoming a big issue today in and out of schools and online as well.

  128. April

    I’ve not read any of her books or yours, but both sound very interesting. The subject of bullying is a sad one, and the book looks to have an interesting plot. Again, as I’ve said on other posts throughout the hunt, I love the new books this hunt is giving me to read!!

  129. Krystal

    Bullying has touched my family’s life in a horrible way. The more it is exposed, the better protected our children will be. Ronie, I am an Army brat and I am so looking forward to reading your books.

  130. Melinda

    I am very interested in reading Shattered Silence because I experienced bullying first-hand as a child, and my son has been bullied as well. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers from bullying.

  131. June

    Hi Ronie, I was an army brat too, so can’t wait to read Trinity! Love the idea of peer tutoring that Margaret set up. I was bullied from time to time, but nothing like kids are experiencing these days.

  132. Louise Barner

    Would like to read all of your books. Have yet to begin. Excited to learn of you and to read your books. Now that winter is coming, I will have more time to read. This is great way to be introduced to new authors!

  133. Annette G

    Thank you for the wonderful information. As I read through everyone’s comments, I can see how we are not alone in dealing with this issue. My son went through bullying during his later elementary and all his middle school years – they were awful. I just prayed my heart out through those years, and thank you to our awesome God that he got him (and us) through it.

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