TITANIS – Now Available!!!

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Hooah! He’s here and waiting for YOU! TITANIS: A QUIET PROFESSIONALS NOVELLA is now available on Kindle and Kobo. Later this week, he will also be available on Nook and in paperback. I will keep you posted!!

THANK YOU for reading. Once you delve into the Australian Top End with TITANIS, I hope you’ll love the adventure. If you do, please consider posting reviews. They are so very helpful with algorithms on retail sites.

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  1. Wendy Hawthorn

    Hi Ronie,

    I am the Head Librarian at Glad Tidings Church in Victoria, BC. Do you know when the 4th book, Titanis will be available in paperback?

    Thanks Ronie!

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  2. Sandra C. Carr

    It is with amazement that I see 11 titles that I had not known were available of your work. I had thought I was up to date …
    That’s a good thing for a writer to be prolific.
    Ms. Roni, I SO applaud your writing …….while I am not an authority on styles or technique, I know what I like : your handling of veterans returning from service dealing with illnesses and injuries,the assimilation of our military war dogs into the fabric of civilian life,current world wide situations taken into fictionalized scenarios, and more…I especially enjoyed the dip into fantasy with the publishing of ACCELERANT.
    And you have done all without objectionable language and lewd characters and scenes…For that , I especially thank you.
    May God continue to bless you and your talent , your family and your endeavors, and may your products bless others as they have blessed me as I read.
    Thank you again….I’ll try to keep up 🙂
    Sandra C. Carr

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      What a very gracious message!! Thank you so much, Sandra, for reading but also for taking the time to find my website and comment. I hope you enjoy my other titles. I’m currently on re-releasing seven of my books.

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