TITANIS – Now Available!!!

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Hooah! He’s here and waiting for YOU! TITANIS: A QUIET PROFESSIONALS NOVELLA is now available on Kindle and Kobo. Later this week, he will also be available on Nook and in paperback. I will keep you posted!! THANK YOU for reading. Once you delve into the Australian Top End with TITANIS, I hope you’ll love the adventure. If you do, please consider posting reviews. They are so very helpful with algorithms on retail sites.

DEAD RECKONING – INSPY Short List Finalist!

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It’s been a crazy week. As y’all know, DEAD RECKONING was free on Kindle from the 22nd-29th, and with it came several 2-star reviews that broke the TWENTY-EIGHT 4- and 5-star review streak. These reviews were very harsh, angry that it was a Christian book and free, called the story a mess, said they don’t have “interstates” in India (um, explain that to India’s national transportation system with more than 900K miles of paved highways that stretch ACROSS India’s states (INTER-STATE highways), with 8 lanes in some areas). Anyway…it was tough to see those when I was sitting here in my cave trying to peck out the last 1/4 of WOLFSBANE, Discarded Heroes #3. But I kept giving the whole …

This & That – Nightshade!!

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In an attempt to catch everyone up (there are gobs of you reading this blog, right?!?!) on what’s happening, I decided to do a quick post. So, here goes. First – The galley of Nightshade is now available through NetGalley. If you are a professional reviewer or a librarian, you can apply to receive a digital copy of the galley. I’m so tickled–I downloaded it onto my Kindle, and it brought me to tears reading Nightshade like a real book (as if it’s fake or something, right?). Hehe. Second – Nightshade can now be preordered through many online retailers. It’s amazing to see this book coming to life and gaining some recognition. My hope for this series is to open …

Mission: Julia

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Hey, y’all. Okay, I didn’t figure Shiloh would give you a full explanation. She rarely does. Reece is even worse. (If you haven’t visited NovelJourney, then click on over there and find out what all the hub-bub is about–it’s life or death!) Here’s the rundown: Reece’s older sister is missing. Something I mentioned in my book must’ve exposed her (which is interesting–do you know what her career is *supposed* do to be?). Anyway. We have to find her. Since time’s of the essence, let me give you some help in finding the clues. Use the blogs below–they’re proven to be safe havens for characters, so I believe that’s where we’ll find the path that leads to Julia. Ane Mulligan Southern-Fried …