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Here it is, y’all—the fifth and final installment in my A Breed Apart: Legacy series with Sunrise. I mentored and worked with the wonderful Voni Harris, and I’m so stinking proud of her hard work on this book! SURGE, Book 5, releases this November from Sunrise Publishing! You can preorder now! (link in bio) The cover is by graphic designer genius, Kirk DouPonce!

Love and Betrayal in a Race Against Time

Delaney Thompson isn’t just a dog trainer—she’s the key to preventing a disaster. With loyal Military Working Dog, Surge, by her side, she’s ready to prove herself on her first mission…even without military training. Her goal? Help the intense Belgian Malinois track down a specific chemical linked to a dangerous terrorist group before it reaches American soil. But to succeed, she must navigate unfamiliar terrain and an even more unpredictable partner.

Garrett Walker is a seasoned military operator, driven by duty and haunted by tragic losses. Reluctantly, he teams up with Delaney, whose lack of tactical experience makes her a liability as he leads them across Southeast Asia. Yet Garrett knows that mission success and the safety of countless lives back home hinge on his leadership, the Malinois’s special scent training, and Delaney’s unique skills.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: if Delaney and Garrett fail to locate and secure the toxic chemical, hundreds of thousands of Americans could die. As they hunt down the terrorists, their objectives are clear—find the stash, neutralize the threat, and try not to get killed. But with mutual distrust simmering between them, their greatest challenge may be learning to rely on each other.

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  1. Taylor Newport

    What a gorgeous cover! Can’t wait to read this book! Sounds exciting. Plus it has a black dog, which I LOVE!

  2. Taylor Newport

    What a gorgeous cover! I can’t wait the grab this book. The plot sounds so exciting. Plus it has a black dog, and I LOVE black dogs. Really looking forward to this book.

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