War of Torment – Finalist!

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Hooah! I’m thrilled to share that WAR OF TORMENT is a finalist in the Speculative category of the FHLCW Reader’s Choice Award! It does my heart good to see this epic conclusion to the Droseran Saga finally get some contest love. That book is a beast and so much happens in it—so it makes sense that those who haven’t journeyed with the characters in the previous books might not get the poignant events. And it’s a fourth book in a series, which is always a hard sell. But I’m delighted that WAR made it this far with the Reader’s Choice Award.

Special thanks to the FHLCW Contest and its judges for all the time you spent reading and judging. Y’all, I’ve entered this contest for years, but this is the first year that Speculative actually “made” as a category. Back in 2014, TRINITY won the Suspense category. Haven’t finaled since then . . . until now.

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