WAR is (Another) Readers Choice Award Finalist

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YAYAYAY!! YOU DID IT!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rapid-Fire Readers—you did it! You voted WAR OF TORMENT into the next round of the Realm Makers Readers’ Choice Award. Thank you from the bottom of my very-full heart! This is the second Readers’ Choice Award that WAR is up for, and I’m thrilled to see y’all loving on this epic conclusion to The Droseran Saga!

Now . . . ROUND TWO VOTING begins!! Please consider—AGAIN—hopping over to their site (CLICK HERE) to vote for WAR,  along with two other favorite titles that are up for consideration. That’s right—RM asks you to vote for three in this final round.

THANK YOU so much, y’all! There’s a great list of titles being voted on, and I’m honored to rub elbows with those beauties.

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