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Hello! Thanks fer stoppin’ by me blog. Ye`ve come t’ th’ starboard place today if ye`re lookin’ fer a great read. ‘Tis me extreme pleasure t’ participate in MaryLu Tyndall`s blog tour fer th’ lass’ third book, Restitution.

Below is the trailer MaryLu put together for her incredible new book out now from Barbour Publishing!

In this third book, th’ treacherous voyage o’ Captain Kent Carlton continues as he tries t’ prove his heart t’ain’t as black as one might think. In this perilous journey, Lady Isabel Ashton must team up wi’ th’ man who raped th’ lass’ as they battle t’ save the’r baby lad from another captain bent on revenge.

Aye…isn’t pirate-ing fun?? Ahem. Seriously, now…

I love MaryLu’s stories, and I found this story about Lady Isabel and Captain Kent compelling! Her story concepts are amazing and the conflicts only deepen amid dark waters and bad tempers. I’ve read all three books in the Legacy of the king’s Pirates–and I’d recommend them all. The character’s journeys kept me up into the wee hours of the morning, unable to sleep until I knew what happened to Lady Isabel (although at times, I wanted to slap her for being so bull-headed, but alas–that’s a character for you…never doing what you want them to do. LOL), the rogue Captain whose heart softened, and the plight of their baby boy. If you haven’t tasted of the delicacy that is M.L. Tyndall’s writing–then quench your thirst and buy this book! 😀

Here is the official blurb from MaryLu’s site:

The Restitution
by M. L. Tyndall
Romantic Times 4 stars!
Shunned by her parents and by society, Lady Isabel Ashton lives a secluded life at Port Royal with her seven month old baby, Frederick–the son of the fierce pirate, Kent Carlton. When her baby is suddenly kidnapped, Captain Carlton appears with an offer to help her find him. Can Isabel trust the man who once ravished her? Will Kent win the forgiveness of the woman he loves? Or will the scheme of betrayal and revenge of his enemies keep them apart and from their son forever?

*sigh* A great read to quiet the stormy seas of life. LOL Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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