Operation Zulu


Zulu1-5_Page_1“…one hair-raising, heart-pumping ride…”

They weren’t supposed to exist.

Now they don’t.

Five years ago, six female soldiers seized the chance to make U.S. military history—they became the first all-female special operations team, known as Zulu. In the aftermath of their first highly successful op, they discover a horrible tragedy—dozens of innocent civilians and children—are dead at their hand. Too late, they realize they have been pawns in a power-play by those in authority. Fearing for their lives, Zulu members vanish. Under assumed names and spread across the globe, they live in relative but isolated peace and yet, haunted by the past. Terrified of being discovered. Over the years they’ve hidden, they believe they’re safe. Until two of their team are murdered. The remaining members of Zulu must regroup and figure out who is targeting them, but more importantly—how to stop their enemy before it’s too late.

Exciting 5-part Serial Novel




Forced to vanish. Isolated. Haunted by their past. . .that just caught up with them.

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  1. What is a novel serialization? This is a ground-breaking concept created by the brilliance at Barbour Publishing. Operation Zulu: Redemption is a 5-week serialized novel—meaning, just like your favorite TV dramas, you’ll get an exciting new episode each week! How long will Operation Zulu: Redemption be? This serialization, lovingly nicknamed OZ (or Zulu) will be 5 weeks long. Each episode will be about approximately 40k words (that’s almost two novellas). In the end, this serial will be around 200k words when finished, which is the equivalent of TWO full-length novels.
  2. What exactly is Operation Zulu: Redemption? It’s Bourne meets Lara Croft meets Rapid-Fire Fiction.
  3. How much are the episodes? The first teaser is our treat, totally FREE!! It’s on us in the hopes you’ll enjoy the pilot and want to come back for more. Each of the four subsequent episodes (released weekly) will be $3.99.
  4. I’m doing the math and that comes out to almost $20! Isn’t that too much? Absolutely not! Think about it—this is two FULL LENGTH NOVELS in a serialized form. That breaks down to $10 a book, quite reasonable by today’s standards. Besides, Ronie loves interacting with readers, so the more readers buy the episodes, the more she gets to write and interact with those readers!
  5. What formats will OZ be released in? The serialization will be digital at first, allowing eager readers to consume episodes at the touch of a button from their favorite online retailer!!
  6. Will there be a print version? Yes! The entire season will release under one cover in December 2014–both digitally and in print! Ronie’s super excited about this paperback release, since she’s a print-fiend.





The Rapid-Fire Fiction Task Force put together an awesome and fun blog tour, where each of the characters was introduced. The amazing Lydia Mazzei put together a wonderful “cheat sheet” of where to find those features, and I’m posting them here!

Meet Annie – hosted by Emilie Hendryx

Meet Téya – hosted by Elizabeth Olmedo

Meet Nuala – hosted by Lydia Mazzei

Meet Trace  – hosted by Sarah Penner

Meet Boone – hosted by JoJo Sutis

Meet Sam – hosted by Amanda Geaney

Meet Keeley – hosted by Rel Mollet

Meet Francesca – hosted by Rel Mollet