Christy Award Winner!


Carol Award Finalist


Gripping. Compelling. Gritty. Intense. And that’s just the first few pages.

You’re in for a wild but fulfilling ride. ~Lenora Worth, author of Body of Evidence

Kendig pulls out all the stops with page-turning action, adventure and danger. ~~Chandra McNeil, Romantic TimesIn Venezuela, Danielle Roark and her Army Corps of Engineers team is captured. After six months of captivity, Dani escapes, only to end up charged with espionage and forced to return to the jungle to prove that a nuclear facility exists. On the mission, she is abandoned by God and country. Will she live long enough to make those responsible pay?Haunted by memories of a mission gone bad, former Green Beret Canyon Metcalfe wrestles with his developing feelings for the feisty senator’s daughter. Setting aside his misgivings, he and Nightshade take the mission to help Dani unravel her lethal secrets. Separated from the team leaves Dani and Canyon vulnerable—and captured. After he is rescued, Canyon discovers Dani has been left behind. Livid, he sacrifices everything to save Dani—including his role with Nightshade.




The Christian Manifesto‘s C.E. Moore and Melissa Willis talk with Ronie about Wolfsbane. Find out how many times Ronie rewrote the last 3/4 of the book and who’s coming back in Firethorn!

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The author’s military background shines through in vivid detail…Kendig pulls out all the stops with page-turning action, adventure and danger. Book three in the Discarded Heroes series can pretty much stand alone. ~~Romantic Times (Chandra McNeil)

Ronie Kendig serves up a mix of machinegun-fast action, touching romance, and more twists than a coil of a detonator wire. Get a good grip on the edge of your seat before you start reading! ~Rick Acker, author of When the Devil Whistles and Dead Man’s Rule

Non-stop, fast-paced, machine gun type action that will leave you exhausted–and yearning for more. Don’t even try to put the book down because you’ll find yourself drawn right back, unable to do or think about anything else until you reach the end. Kendig has created realistic, imperfect characters to cheer for and cry with as they struggle to find God and do the right thing. A definite keeper for your read-again shelf.” ~Lynette Eason – bestselling author of Too Close to Home and Don’t Look Back

Wolfsbane is rapid-fire fast-paced and will leave you breathless. An incredible story with intense characters who face timeless struggles. Another favorite for our shelf from Kendig! ~Kimberley and Kayla R. Woodhouse – authors of No Safe Haven and Race Against Time

Wolfsbane is a fast-paced, military suspense with just the right amount of romance to keep readers flipping pages. Ronie Kendig’s smooth writing style, realistic scenes, and vivid characters blend beautifully for a must-read experience. A definite keeper!”~Robin Caroll, author of Deliver Us From Evil and In The Shadow of Evil

Steeped in conflict and characters searching for redemption, Ronie Kendig writes her best story yet. Intense action, integrity, honor, sacrifice—these are the attributes displayed richly in Wolfsbane. Even after the last page, Dani and Canyon continue to live my heart. ~Dineen Miller, author of Winning Him Without Words: 10 Keys to Thriving in Your Spiritually Mismatched Marriage and The Soul Saver

In Wolfsbane, Ronie Kendig has crafted a story of brokenness and healing. Add in an electrically-charged romance and twists so complex you’ll feel like a pretzel all within a fast-paced military thriller, and you have the perfect read that will tug at your heart as it compels you to read one more chapter. I hated to see this book end! ~Cara C. Putman, author of Stars in the Night and Ohio Brides