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I am so excited to share the latest installment of the Nightshade team with you. Wolfsbane officially released July 1st. Since it’s so close to the 4th of July, I’m going to make WOLFSBANE’s launch promotion a celebration not only of the release, but of our great nation and its military heroes. Thus, I’m putting together  a nice American Heroes prize package. Read the instructions for ways to win duplicate entries. Everyone who comments is guaranteed at least one entry!  (Sorry, only US entries due to nature of prizes. Also, please know that the organizations from which these products are coming have not partnered with me. I am a fan of their products and/or services, so I want to help promote them!)

So, here we go. Here are is the Wolfsbane & American Patriot Grand Prize Package for one blessed winner:

  • Signed copy of all Discarded Heroes Books (Firethorn will ship to the winner when it is released)
  • A Red, White & Blue Survival Strap bracelet from  ($25 value) I’m featuring this because Canyon uses something similar to this in an important scene in the book (yep, ya gotta read the book to find out where!).
  • A copy of Oliver North’s American Heroes: Special Operations (edited by Chuck Holton)
  • (1) Unapologetically American T-shirt from Ranger Up Military & MMA Apparel ($22 value)
  • A $25 donation to Soldiers’ Angels on your behalf

Two Semi-finalists will receive:

  • Signed copy of Wolfsbane
  • Choice of (1) one American Patriot T-shirt or (1) Red, White & Blue Survival Bracelet

All who comment will gain ONE entry into the giveaway (again, US only, please). However, you can be BOOTS ON GROUND to help me celebrate this launch and earn additional entries by posting about the giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter. You gain an additional entry for each place you post and convey that post to me (I need to be able to verify the post). So, be sure to let me know where you’re sharing this!

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  1. Ginger Solomon

    Happy Independence Day. I would enjoy reading your books, so enter me in the contest.

    I will post on facebook about your giveaway.


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  2. Sara

    Wow, great giveaway! I just finished Wolfsbane and as I suspected…it ROCKED!! 🙂 I’ll be posting my review on my blog tonight or tomorrow (hopefully). No need to enter me, since I already won a signed copy from you…but I did tweet about your giveaway just because. 🙂 Happy 4th!!

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  3. Ada

    I love America! It’s great you are writing about some of our heroes. I have an op-ed piece in The Pueblo Chieftain (Pueblo, Colo.) this weekend, “What’s the noise all about?” I’m not sure the headline represented my title, but I mentioned how my soul shoots fireworks of rejoicing about our freedoms–that have been given by “Nature’s God”, to quote the Declaration of Independence. I rejoice that I freely attend church, write and read even controversial material, and vote. Americans who appreciate freedom have a “bang” of a holiday every day. I would love to have your book.

  4. Rachel Kulp

    I haven’t been able to read one of your books yet. They sound exciting to the point that, if I win one, I will be adicted. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks so much and Happy Independence Day.

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      Thanks for stopping by, Rachel! I hope you get the chance to read and fall in love with the Discarded Heroes!

  5. Lisa Jordan

    After last night’s fireworks, I stayed up until 1:15 this morning to finish Wolfsbane. Oh. My. Heart. I loved the book. I loved the edge it had. I loved the action. I loved the flawed characters. I woke up thinking about Canyon and Dani. My word of mouth is already blabbing about this series.

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  6. Sheri

    I read Nightshade and enjoyed it! I would love a chance to read more books by Ronie Kendig! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  7. Alice Rowl

    I’ve read two of your book Discarded Heroes and got the 3rd one today and have started to reading it . Looked for the 4 one called Firethorn but can’t find it. Can you let me know when its coming out. Love all of them.. Glad they are written by a Christian. We need more of them

    1. Ronie

      Hi, Alice! Firethorn releases January 1, 2012. So, just a few more months. I am so tickled that you’re enjoying the Discarded Heroes! Thank you for commenting. 😀

  8. Rachel

    I work at a small Christian bookstore and since the release of Nightshade all my poor customers been subjected to listening to my raving about these books! The best part is, they come straight back in wanting to know when the next book will be released! 🙂 Although I’m very excited for Firethorn to come out, it’s sad too, I don’t want the series to end! In all honestly Discarded Heroes are THE best books I’ve read in quite some time and they hold a special place on my bookshelf.

    1. Ronie

      Wow! Thanks so much, Rachel. What a blessing you are. Thanks so much for helping spread the word. Thank you also for dropping by to enter!

  9. Jeanne

    Ronie, I read your interview on the MBT Ponderers blog, and I so enjoyed learning a little bit about you. Your American Heroes series sounds incredible. I’d love to be entered in your giveaway. Thank you for what you are doing to support and encourage our military men and women!

  10. Dee

    Ronie I have got to say that this is a great book. I don’t read books very often due to the fact that it is hader for me to read and comprehend what is going on. So for there to be one if not 4 books that i want to read is a feat that no one has ever been able to do.
    Wolfsbane is a great book! I had issues putting down. it was non stop action with twists and turns that truly takes you on a rollacoster. The characters in all 3 books are wonderfully human. I love how you can show the vunerability of them, then show us how great God and is love is.
    Can not wait until the 4 book comes out counting down the months.
    Thank you for writing and using this incedible gift you have.

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