A Word From Hawk’s Grandfather

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Rapid-Fire Fiction Task Force member Sarah P created this graphic that she posted on her blog, along with her review of HAWK. I just love it!! She chose a powerful quote and accented it not only with the cover of HAWK (which features Air Force veteran Brent Gilley), but the Rapid-Fire Fiction logo. Bravo, Sarah!! And mega thanks to you!!



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  1. Amy

    Just finished reading “Hawk” on Sunday and LOVED it! I was actually very sad that I came to the end….but then it technically wasn’t the end…was it?? Blast those cliff hangers!!! My pulse was racing so hard that I felt like an airbag had deployed in my face when I read the last sentence. You, Mrs. Kendig, have a true gift in telling a story and what a story it was. I wanted to re-read it as soon as I finished, and am anxiously awaiting Falcon’s book. The quote from Brian’s grandfather is spot on. Thanks to Sarah P. for the graphic and to you as well for a fantastically written book. Keep ’em coming!

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