Acceptable Time

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Okay, gotta admit. I’m not one that normally looks for signs, but this morning, when I read the title of my devotional, I nearly did a back flip–I said NEARLY (envision a balled fist jerked down in a firm *YES!*)–when the title of the devotional read: NOW IS THE ACCEPTABLE TIME. Yeah, I know. Fleece, like the stuff lining your pillows and jackets. But hey, two nights before I’d try to write on the sequel to my space opera, but I felt like God put a hand on my shoulder and said, WAIT.

HUH??? Wait? SIGH. Fine. So, I waited. The next day I fasted. Then, this morning, I wake up with THAT as my devotional. Needless to say, I embraced it heartily. *insert boogie dance* Now, I naturally realize that God’s NOW is different from mine. Look at Abraham and Sarah. Look at the children of Israel (ew, ew, ew, do we have to go there??). But still, I KNOW what God has told me. I KNOW where the space opera is going. It’s really not that hard at all (anymore) to trust God. I’m at peace. Don’t get me wrong. My humanity sometimes whacks me upside my head, and I start bawling, wondering why I haven’t received THE CALL. But it’s kewl. As my daughter says, I’m good.

Well, at crit group last night, I made a horrific discovery. My Genesis entry–somehow–unbelievably–has two POV errors. As soon as my eyes danced over the fateful lines, I saw them. My stomach ROILED! ARGGGGHHHHH!!!!! They’re minor, but they are still glitches. so, alas, my entry is NOT perfect (*presses hand to brow and swoons*). I’m so disgusted. Don’t ask me how they got past me in the first place. I KNOW better. There goes first place and $500 *cheeky grin*. OH…and any day now, I’m expecting a rejection from that agent I queried at the end of January with this space opera.

Okay…enough rambling. I’m not feeling up to par, and y’all are probably bored by now.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have an awesome weekend. As for me? I’ll be packing…we move in 3.5 weeks. EEGADS. His grace is sufficient for me…His grace is sufficient for me…His grace is sufficient…

How are you doing? Anything great happening in your sphere? Drop a line.

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  1. Heather Diane Tipton

    um, honey? speaking as one who really does ramble… you weren’t rambling… and even if you were we love you enough to listen to it. :o)

    there goes first place huh??? I was kinda hoping for a three way tie between Robin, Neen and you;-)

    Ronie B&B rocks… those two minor gliches won’t matter. Besides, you know who is going to come a calling before then anyways and you’ll have to withdraw.

  2. Dineen A. Miller

    Oh girl, B&B rocks so hard, those judges won’t even notice. LOL! Love, love, love that story. And you!

  3. Camy Tang

    There’s a POV glitch? I didn’t see it. And your other crit partners didn’t catch it either, so it must be pretty minor.

    I’m also hoping that agent doesn’t R you, hun.


  4. Jennifer Tiszai

    Oh man, I have so been there. I left out a whole paragraph on a one page synopsis I sent to an editor. Don’t know how I missed that! I’m sure yours was way smaller based on what your CPs are saying.

    I don’t envy you moving. We’ve done it 11(?) times since we’ve been married and this better be the last place!

  5. Robin Caroll

    Girl, I already told you…those are MINOR issues with B&B….the story is too strong for you NOT to do well! 🙂

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