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~~Awesome Crit Buds: Me, Heather, Robin & Neen~~

Okay, I don’t know if it’s bad form to talk about all the wonderful things that happened at conference, but I’m going to do it. πŸ˜€ First, the biggest and most wonderful thing that happened was the healing I received under the guidance of Brandilyn Collins’ prayer Thursday night. that completely set the tone for me and my experience during conference. I’ll have to admit that I am glad there is no photo of that! Envision red, swollen eyes and a nose to match! πŸ˜€

Now…on to the the other really kewl stuff: First, I met up with my crit buddies and that is just the ultimate to be in teh company of such wonderful ladies. I posted the picture with Camy the other day, so this time, I’ll do the other photos. LOL

This is from the Early bird session hosted by Colleen Coble and Deb Raney, two absolutely amazing ladies who write some incredible fiction!! I wanna be like them when I grow up! πŸ˜€ It is so fascinating to listen to them brainstorm stories that belong to other people–and they’re just so good at it. I found myself praying that I could be that to others some day.

For me, the next best thing that happened was probably getting to meet Christy award-winning author John Olson. For the conference, I played personal slave to Johnduring the two classes he taught. One was on Thrillers: How to Wirte with Super Glue. The other was on writing CSFF. Both classes were phenomenal. I have never taken so many notes at ANY conference I’ve ever been to. Seriously. Several of his points hit “home” with me and resonanted so clearly. I bought his book Adrenaline (yeah, I know, I’m a bit behind in my reading list! *sigh*) and got it autographed. In John, I found a new friend and as he said in his autograph, a “kindred spirit.” I look forward to seeing more of John’s writing on the bookshelves. the guys’ just way kewl, very intelligent (hello? Can you say computational biochemist???), and has a passion for writing (gave up his day job to enter ministry of writing and speaking). Thanks, John!! Can’t wait to meet up with you again next year!

Ah, good friends, good times! I met Amanda Bostic last year. She was filling in at the time for another editor (she’s an editor at WestBow) and I was her first-ever pitch. πŸ˜€ I think we were both equally nervous–but maybe I was worse. LOL Anyway, we got to hang out last year, and it didnt’ take me long to recognize the jewel that she is. I just love her! I felt like a million bucks when she walked down the corridor this year and spotted me, threw her arms wide and hugged me. It was so great–like a homecoming. She is so down to earth and so very sweet. If you haven’t met Amanda yet, make sure you put her on your list of “have to” next year.

Wow–have I mentioend that this was an awesome conference? God was soooo good to me, as He always is! Thsi is a picture of me with fabulous author, Lisa Harris. She is a missionary living in South Africa, and it was such a great blessing to get to see her. Of course, time was against us–we didn’t get more than an hour together–and that was during breakfast. I miss her so much already. If you haven’t read any of Lisa’s books, they really are a must. She’s such a very good writer!!

My secret is out! You’ll find my smiling mug up there with all the other science-fiction/fantasy authors. A get-together was held Thursday night (yes, I was late–that’s when Brandilyn was praying for me LOL). As you can see, we’re an odd, but very happy bunch. You’ll find in there buddy John Olson, dragon WRITER (although RIDER might work) Bryan Davis, and Realms-published T.L Higley.

Well, I cannot post all these fabulous pictures without saying that besides seeing all these great friends, I did have some wonderful experiences with editors and an agent. It’s as if…no, it IS the handiwork of God following the miraculous healing Thursday night. I’m so very blessed!!

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  1. Shannon

    Gorgeous pics, Ronie … and what a wonderful account!! *applause, applause*

    It was so awesome to see you … to watch God open doors for you … and to hear about the healing. Thank you so much for sharing the overspill. That prayer session on the floor of the lobby will never be forgotten … thank you for giving me a shoulder to cry on, literally. I love you, chickadee.

  2. Beth Goddard

    Awesome Pictures, Ronie!

    I just realized though. . we didn’t get a picture together :(((((((

    Well, there’s always next year!


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