American Heroes in Special Operations

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American Heroes in Special OperationsAmerican Heroes in Special Operations by Oliver North

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American Heroes in Special Operations gives an in-depth look into the hearts, minds, and operations of our elite heroes. It’s easy as a observer to idolize these heroes who sacrifice everything, but this book gave me a deeper perspective and appreciation of those sacrifices. With North and Holton embedded with these elite warriors, readers are able to see the intricacies and frustrations these men face on a daily basis. What we see on the news is often slanted and a mere sliver of the truth, and that’s why I love this American Heroes series because, in essence, it humanizes these warriors–it peels away the armor, the weapons, the deadly missions–and allows me to “see” a man behind all that gear and action. A man with a family, a dream. It’s an absolutely fascinating, informative, realistic, and engaging read!

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GIVE AWAY!! I inadvertently ended up with TWO copies of AMERICAN HEROES IN SPECIAL OPERATIONS by Oliver North and Chuck Holton (thanks to a screwy ordering system which told me it shipped, then told me the order was canceled, then requested my “immediate attention” and then it was supposed to be canceled (again), so I bought my own copy at a store, THEN got a notice 8 hours later that the book shipped. Sigh…).

So, it’s a GREAT DELIGHT for me to offer a copy of this book FREE. Here’s what you have to do: Tell me about an American Hero you know/admire–and why.

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  1. Mocha with Linda

    My son would love this book.

    I don't have one particular hero, but I love meeting and hearing about the Greatest Generation. My uncle had a purple heart and a slew of other medals, and I didn't even know that until he died. He was completely humble about it.

    There was also a man who worked with the RA's (boys mission organization at our previous church) who had been a POW in WW2 (part of The Bridge Over the River Kwai prisoners). He was an incredible man and my son developed a neat relationship with him.

  2. Wendy

    I just finished Nightshade and loved it! I can't wait for the next one.

    I have read Oliver North's other books and thought they were well done.

    I think one of my American Heroes is George W. Bush. He is far from perfect but I think he did a good job after 911 (I won't go into the war issues.)

  3. Ronie Kendig

    From Jan Warren who could not get the link to work:

    I'll tell you my favorite American Hero is my dad. 89 years old, he served during WWII and was capture by the Japanese on Corregidor in the Philippines. He was a POW for 3 1/2 years, beaten and starved survived one of the Japanese death marches. Dad was digging his own grave the night before his camp was liberated. God moved in miracles many times during his internment or he would not have made it.

    Dad's having some health issues like so many WWII vets now. We're losing these history making heroes by the thousands each day. Hopefully I'll have my dad around for a few years longer.
    Thanks for letting me share. Jan Warren

  4. Mark

    I'd love to win it. I admire George W Bush… he wasn't the perfect president, but he acted like a president, was pround of his country, and seemingly let the tons of criticism and attacks from the liberals and the liberal media roll right off of him.

  5. Linda

    My hubby would LOVE this book! Me, too!

    My American Hero would be any American that served in the Armed Forces. On that stands out bec. of the 2008 elections would be John McCain. My husb also served in Nam, but didn't go through a fraction of what this man went through. My husb informed me that bec it wasn't a "real" war (which is was), they didn't have to abide with the Geneva Convention on the handling of the prisoners.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  6. Donn Taylor

    I've known a number of heroes, but the one I would nominate is Commander (later Rear Admiral) Jeremiah Denton. Shot down over North Vietnam, held prisoner and tortured until he consented to speak on TV, his speech was that he did not know what U.S. policy was at that time but, whatever it was, he fully supported it. As he spoke, he blinked in Morse code T-O-R-T-U-R-E, providing the first hard evidence that the North Viets were torturing American POWs. Under the most stringent conditions, he persevered in serving his country.

  7. Jackie W

    I don't really have one hero nor do I know their names but to me my heroes are all the men and women who are serving in the Armed Forces and are fighting for my right to Freedom. Bless them all.

  8. JOYE

    One of my heroes is Senator John McCain. Not only has he served our country well as a Senator but as a young serviceman. He has represented my home state of Arizona as well.

  9. K

    I don't have a particular hero serving in the military, but any man or woman in Canadian/American forces definitely has my respect.

  10. Kelleyand

    My American hero? Well, I work as a 9-1-1 dispatcher so my heroes tend to be the ordinary everyday sort – the policemen, firemen and paramedics I work with. I also admire the "regular" people that call in and are caring and kind enough to stop and help others out. They are the ones that truly inspire me.

  11. Ronie Kendig

    Post for Nelson Hill, a friend who wanted to enter but doesn't have Facebook.

    My biggest Hero is my son. He was driving his hummer in Iraq, and ran over a hidden mine. He had a broken back and shrapnal, but with his injuries, saved his 1st Sgt life (In passenger seat). He lost one leg, and didn't know it was gone until he stepped out of the jeep. The gunner was injured, and Rocky saved hi…m by using a tourniquet. Anyway, long story, but he is my hero, and he knows it is only by God's grace that he is still here. Wish you could see the pictures

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