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One of my favorite topics to discuss with book clubs and other authors is the writing process. Friend and author Dani Pettrey invited me to take part in a blog tour about this subject.

My Writing Life

R6SF_Logo_BlkWhat am I working on?

Right now, I am working full force on FALCON, book 3 in the Quiet Professionals series. I’m also preparing to launch the Operation Zulu: Redemption serial novel that will release over four weeks. Finally, I’m digging into my fantasy novel, EMBERS that has been contracted with Enclave Publishing and will release Fall 2015.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My titles center around our military heroes, but it’s never “just” a romance novel. My stories are designed to make readers think about the toll combat takes on our heroes and their families, to show that real life continues full force when our heroes are on the front lines fighting the war on terror. That raw intensity, along with a relentless pace and action, set my novels apart–it’s where my brand, Rapid-Fire Fiction, proves itself.

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Operation Zulu: Redemption at

Why do I write what I do?

As noted above, I want readers to think about our military heroes, about what they do and what they go through, and how those affect them when they return home. Some writers are  front-lines writers, engaging in battles. Me? I’m the medic in the tent with the wounded–I want people to know there is always hope.

How does my writing process work?

My writing process depends on the novel I’m writing. For example, in writing Operation Zulu: Redemption my publisher required a detailed outline of each episode, so I had a roadmap. I’ve never written a series that way, but it was kind of nice to have it all sorted before I started on the first chapter. However, even with the ease of writing in that, I still strongly prefer the creative flow of being a seat-of-the-pants writer. I have a general idea of where the story should go, but I rarely have more than that and the profile of the character(s).

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  1. Rheta Ellis

    Dear Ronie,

    Hi I was just wondering if when you are finished writing Zulu would you put it in paperback? Since when I enjoy a book so much I would like to keep it forever in book form. So is that in the future or not? Thanks for answering my question.

    Your sincerely,

    Rheta Ellis

    1. Post

      Hi, Reta. If you’ll look at the FAQ, you’ll see that a print version (one book) will be available in December.

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