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Okay, Rapid-Fire Readers! Here is your chance to sign up to be an INFLUENCER for BEOWULF, which releases in a month. PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE POST before dashing off to enter. I’m doing things a little differently. This isn’t a first-come, first-serve basis–so everyone has time to enter.

I have THIRTY copies for some boots-on-ground team members, who will help me positively influence the launch of BEOWULF! All you need to do is TWO THINGS:

>>1. ENTER through the Rafflecopter widget:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

>>2. and LEAVE A COMMENT on the Rapid-Fire Fiction Facebook post as well about how/where you will influence (blog, reviews on BAM!, B&N, Amazon, LifeWay, CBD, etc.).

Please note: This is not an agreement to review the title. You can do that via NetGalley or my publisher, if you are an approved reviewer/blogger. This is a pact between you and I that you will help me positively influence the book’s sales.

If you read the book and find that you do not like it or cannot, for whatever reason, help influence it, we would ask that you notify us as to why (those who get free books but don’t post reviews are removed from “approved” lists and will not receive future titles), and then perhaps share the book with someone else who might like it.

I am using RAFFLECOPTER to increase the randomness of influencers and to afford everyone a chance to influence, but I will compare your entry with your comment here to see how you plan to help. I WILL SKIP ENTRIES that do not post what you’ll do. This is a pact to help BEOWULF receive a strong launch (via positive “buzz”, reviews and sharing on your blog, FB, Twitter, etc.) in exchange for a free book!

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  1. Connie Brown

    I just discovered your website. I have read your books and love them. I just finished Beowulf and was totally enthralled. I will post a review on Amazon, B & N, Goodreads, CBD & on my blog. You have so many of my favorites. I have been a Trekker since TOS premiered way back in the ’60’s which tells you I’m old. Even as entrenched in the old series and the rest of the incarnations of ST I have accepted and enjoyed the new group as well. I also agree with your fascination with Carl Urban . I like Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow too. Have you followed Intelligence? Josh Holloway stars and is a nice piece of eye candy. I will check out some of your authors and appreciate the heads up. Wanted you to know that I have enjoyed your books and look forward to the next one.

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