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God has blessed me so much in regards to writing. And the blessing I refer to is not publication. It’s simply getting to write, getting to tell stories that impact the kingdom like Christ did. Getting published was, for me, an affirmation that I was actually good at what I loved doing. In addition to publication, I’ve been honored to receive a modicum of success.
Through it all, something was missing for me—not missing in an ungrateful way, but missing as in, “not complete yet.” An ache lay in my chest, throbbing with passing months, yearning to receive validation and confirmation just as my “other” self had through military thrillers.


You see, I’m a closet speculative writer.

And one of my biggest dreams has been to get my speculative pieces published. Since waaaay back when, the stories have been hidden on my hard drive. And I’m not just talking a few shorts or novellas. I’m talking full length manuscripts (one 3-book series has 2 of the titles complete and 1/3 of the third written, another series has the first of a 3-book finished, and so many others I’ve started and gotten anywhere from 20-200 pages written).

Here’s where this all gets good.

After lengthy prayer, quiet talks with daggers against my agent’s throat (well, not really—he wears a cape after all; I’d be foolish to mess with such a powerful agent) and tons of talking with Agent-Man Steve Laube, we agreed it was time. Steve told me that, at first, he thought my writing speculative would be off-brand, but the stories I’m writing often have a strong military element (it’s in my blood!), intense action, and raw characters, so he no longer feels it’s off brand. Thus, I make this big announcement—we’re talking HUGE-AWESOME :

I will be writing speculative fiction as VERONICA KENDIG.

THE first piece will release May 2012, though I can’t give you the deets on that yet (I promise—not much longer!). Since writing both speculative and military fiction are my passion, my long-term goal is to write one book each a year—and all books will be RAPID-FIRE FICTION, with my trademark action and adventure.
It is also my prayer that you, my faithful readers, will straddle the dual-worlds with me. You are all so very important to me. My intention in using a pseudonym is not to deceive anyone (hello? This is a public forum under which I’m making this announcement) but to help readers differentiate between the two types of reads. Ronie Kendig will continue with military fiction and Veronica Kendig will have a more science fiction/fantasy feel to it.

To keep up with the evolving worlds, you can follow Veronica on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@veronicakendig), or right here—because both fiction worlds will be represented here with its own page!

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