Black Friday Insanity–A New Perspective

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Wow! I can’t believe we’re a mere four days from December! Unbelievable. How did this year sneak by so fast???

Anyway–the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, came and went with a roar (see the photo from MSNBC?). And an aching back!!! This was my first time since I was teen that I worked the retail floor on this notorious day. And I have to say, it was the most disconcerting day I’ve experienced in a while. I stood behind the register in a large department store, checking out one customer after another, for SEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT! I’m not kidding. I couldn’t even dash away for a 15-minute break to wet my hoarse throat because the line constantly replenished itself (kind of it, huh?).

After about 2pm, I had a lunch and came back to moderate traffic at the registers, which allowed me time to tidy up my department. I have to say, y’all–I was disgusted. That’s when the whole twisted mentality of Black Friday washed over me. Seeing MOUNDS (literally) of clothing just tossed in a pile. Other shelves absolutely decimated. Hanging racks in absolute disarray. Quite honestly, it made me sick to my stomach. Something was seriously wrong. This couldn’t be what Christmas is supposed to be about, right? I heard one customer say, “it’s all about making the kids happy.”

My gut twisted sideways. No. That’s NOT what it’s supposed to be about. It’s about Christ, about the celebration of His birth. Just as His birth was a gift, so we give gifts as reminders of Love. Not to keep our chidlren’s toy appetite or their clothing fetish sated.

Okay. Sorry. I just had to say that. I definitely have a different perspective on shopping this year. Compassion pools into my heart for those cashiers. Sure, they might be a bit slow, but who wouldn’t be after dealing with a gazillion customers all day long? Customers who feel it’s their RIGHT to be checked out in two minutes or less. SIGH. 😀

Enjoy your holidays–and please, be mindful of that person on the opposite side of the counter from you. If they’re in a bad mood, maybe they had the worst possible customer in the world. Maybe their kid is sick at home. Maybe they just found out they have to work overtime and miss a family function. Smile. Say something to them to make their day a little brighter. Friendly customers sure brigthened mine!

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  1. Dineen A. Miller

    Ugg, can’t believe that. I’ve seen it in the past and wondered how the employees deal with it. I usually wind up putting things back myself. LOL! I feel so bad for them.

  2. Rachel

    I experienced my very first Black Friday this year. It will also be my last. One of the managers was going between all of the registers making sure that everybody got their breaks.

    I am SO GLAD I didn’t have to close. The store is a mess every night. It took 45 minutes longer than usual to close last night because seasonal was such a wreck.

    Dineen, people like you are angels!! We hate having to clean the store up from top to bottom before we can go home.

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