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Well, it’s been a while–moving to a new city, adjusting to the SLOOOOW pace here, battling with the special education dept at my twins’ new school, experiencing gravely disappointing news, and just plain living has kept me from being regular…er, with posting on the blog. πŸ˜€

Anyway, I thought I’d post some pictures. First, you get to see my new office. I have one more Audrey Hepburn poster to get framed and hung, but you can see two of them there. Also, notice the picture on my laptop? LOL And what about that white cup next to the laptop and under my picture-board for Dead Reckoning? πŸ˜€ Anyone else have a Starbucks addition, too??
Okay, the next photo is kind of a blast from the past. LOL It’s taken at the 2004 ACW Conference in Dallas. Really, it’s not the best picture, but I found it ironic. This conference was my first-ever conference, and who did I pitch my futuristic story, Liberty’s Son, to? None other than the man who is now my fabulous agent–three years later–Steve Laube. Don’t I look like a dork?? LOL
I will never forget meeting him and how very kind he was. Being new, I was too scared to be the first appt he took, but I’m pretty sure I signed up for second. After the meeting, I *flew* to tell my writer friends about our meeting, and how Steve thought my premise was intriguing. Can you tell how very green and naive I was at this conference? Had no clue!!! But Steve put me at ease, even if my word count was 165k. LOL That’s one thing that I greatly admire about Steve–he’s a very compassionate man. Brutally clever in the field. LOL My three previous rejections and the plethora of others from people I know attest to his discerning eye for fiction.
The group photo is the very first writer’s group I ever joined–Seed Sowers, started by Frank Ball (yellow shirt). Seed Sowers is now a part of the North Texas Christian Writers. It’s through this group that I made wonderful friends, and even though I’m no longer in the Metroplex, I begged Frank to leave me on their list. πŸ˜€ They’re just that kewl!!

Make sure to check out Wilderness of Mirrors before you close that browser window!!

Oh–and that reminds me–is anyone out there an Amazon friend? Let me know and we can share profiles!

Blessings, y’all!

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  1. Ron Estrada

    What I noticed was the pillow in your chair. I’m going on one year of my rotten back trouble. I just want to be able to SIT again.

    You have an office???

  2. Gina

    I guess I haven’t been here in a while! When did you nab Steve as your agent. He’s on my list, whenever I get my WIPs completed!

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