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Okay, those who are writers already know that writing is challenging. And lately, the mere act of finding time to write since I work now has been a HUGE challenge. All the same, I’m working on a new story concept that I’m very impassioned about…and I sent the kernal of an idea to my agent. He said it was very strong, but at the same time, he encouraged me to not let the story come out of the first thing that comes to mind (which is typical, sage advice–we should always go deeper!!). To let it percolate. I’m so glad he challenged me with this story because I’ve tried this last week to write on the story, and of the five scenes, 2.5 chapters, I’ve written (which pales in comparison–I usually write two chapters in a DAY, not a WEEK–booohoooo!!!!), I’ve scrapped all but one chapter. That’s not normal for me…as a matter of fact, it’s been quite depressing. So, I’ve been praying about this a lot.
And I just kept praying, “Jesus, help me. Please help me.”
He did. An idea hit me last night. One that made me stop and just suck in my breath. At first, I admit that I rejected the idea, thought it might belong to a sequel of this series. But I couldn’t get away from the idea. So I decided I’d write out a short blurb on each of the subsequent book concepts to see where the idea fit. That’s where i discovered this new idea–which a major plot twist–fits exactly in this new story. I brainstormed with my amazing husband, and I’m getting stoked about this story. Elements are taking shape. Conflict is ratcheting. My exitement meter is rising! πŸ™‚

What about you? What challenges are you facing in your own writing at the moment?

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  1. Heather Diane Tipton

    what challenges… uh well there is the whole God made me give Him writing thing…

    I’m glad He’s giving you ideas!

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