Christmas at DisneyWorld

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I’m a very traditional person. I like traditional decor. I like traditions–Christmas in a warm, loving home surrounded by family. But this year, my middle daughter is in the Disney College Program and couldn’t come home for Christmas. So, we decided to Christmas in Orlando.

Phew! I tell you–I’ve been around enough people in those six days to fix me for life! LOL And we had adventure, too (more on that later, along with a rare-from-me not-so-PC commentary).


partial Kendig Krew with Chewie!


Our hot, sweaty family–all 6 of us together for the first time in months! Heading into the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.


My daughter at work!

Ultimately, the trip was exhausting but wonderful! I’m not anxious to repeat it, but I have no regrets!!


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