Christmas Carol Riddles

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Hey, y’all! Wow–this month is just zipping along. It’s been frought with a lot of stress, but also a lot of joy. This is the first year Brian and I have lived close to his parents–close enough to wake up Christmas morning and pop in at their house to open presents. We can’t wait!! 😀 Other good things: I’ve seen God move on behalf of several friends, and I’ve seen four friends receive contracts (or promises of one) in the last 30 days. HOW KEWL IS THAT????

Well, since I’m working and stress (customers get snippier and snarkier as the day of wonder draws closer!), I’m posting this Christmas Carol Riddle in lieu of a full/real post. Enjoy!!

Name the Christmas Carol described in each riddle.

1. Wanted in December:Top forward incisors

2. The lad is a diminutive percussionist

3. Oh small Israel urban center

4. We are Kong, Lear and Nat Cole

5. Our fervent joy is that you thoroughly enjoy your yuletide season

6. Listen, the winged heavenly messengers are proclaiming tunefully

7. Jubilation to the entire terrestrial globe

8. Do you perceive the same vibrations which stimulate my auditory senses?

9. May the Deity bestow an absence of fatigue to mild male humans

10. Leave and broadcast from an elevation

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