Clue found!

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Wow, y’all are figuring this out fast. I’m so relieved (I like breathing…and living). The first clue posted here should’ve led you to Cindy Woodsmall’s page (notice the “wood” was small compared to the rest of the clue).

So, if you haven’t already, head over to Cindy’s page and see what the clue was. I’ve heard from Reece that he’s already seen activity shift. Each clue brings us closer to finding Julia–and closer to you claiming the reward package and me getting to live (a good thing)!

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  1. Danica/Dream

    I know the next clue! Too fun! Are we posting them here again, or waiting? Or should we post it on the place where we found the clue? Seriously, this is too much fun… I love games like this. I should be working, you turkey! Geez, next time one of your characters gets kidnapped, don't tell me.

  2. Danica/Dream

    I guess I'll say it here, since you're moderating comments. Next clue is on Dineen's blog, which is sense, eh? and leads to Camy Tang's blog, because she's the story sensei.

    Can't wait for tomorrow. It seems unfair to only get one clue a day. I need to find more of these puzzle things to do.

    No. Must. Work.

    Hope Julia's okay in the meantime.

  3. Ronie Kendig

    Post the clue here. All comments are held in moderation until the next clue is made available, in an attempt to make this fair. I'll only publish the ones that don't reveal the clue. However, I have all the time stamps, so I know who's first. πŸ˜€

  4. Lynn

    Okay, in the intro clue, the "wood" was small. On Cindy Woodsmall's site, Dineen Miller's name was embedded in the review. Today on Dineen's site, you ended with "sense, eh?", so tomorrow we should look on Camy Tang's site (Story Sensei). This is fun!

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