Conspiracy Fight Scene – Acted Out

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In all my Rapid-FIre Fiction novels there is intense action and fight scenes. At the end of hte Conspiracy of Silence, there is a final showdown between the hero and the villain–of course. But to get it right, to make sure I had accurate techniques, I asked our taekwondo instructor, Senior Master Rodriguez, to work with my husband and act out the final sequence. Senior Master was gracious enough to even let me record it, so here it is–using Kali and Krav Maga moves. . .


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  1. Amy

    Ahhhh!! Now that I can see the fight played out, it makes the scene much more clear in my mind. Would love for you to continue to ‘pull back the curtain’ on more fight scenes from your books, as these two ‘actors’ did a fantastic job. Maybe from Zulu so the lady director at the end could be involved :-). Fingers crossed VVolt will make an appearance in a video, too. Thanks for sharing.

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