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Hooah! I’m so excited – the amazing Emilie Hendryx of @createexploreread (Instagram handle) has designed a week challenge for Conspiracy of Silence. Please join us on Instagram with some #thetoxfiles love and rawk #conspiracyofsilence some love!!

Here are Emilie’s details:


It’s time for the #ToxFilesChristmasChallenge
❄️December 12 – 17❄️

To celebrate the release of Conspiracy of Silence I am hosting a 6 day Book Challenge starting on ❗️December 12❗️ Each day you participate, you’ll receive an entry to win a prize package from Ronie including:
-A Conspiracy of Silence Bookmark
-Handmade ribbon bookmark
– Your very own, signed copy of Conspiracy of Silence! 🙌🏻
-A wooden ornament from my Etsy shop (winner’s design choice)
-A “Dashing” Christmas button
-#ChristmasLove sticker

🎁Rules for entry:
-U.S. Residents only
-Post your entry picture (once per day)
-Use the hashtag #ToxFilesChristmasChallenge
-Tag @createexploreread (feel free to tag @kendigronie as well)
-Leave up the photos until December 18th so I can add all your entries
‼️Extra Entry: Tox is one of my FAVORITE heroes 😍 Seriously! This guy is tough, focused, dedicated, loyal…the list goes on. Comment below some of your favorite hero (or heroine) traits!

🔻Day 1: Operation: New Release | December 12
Show us that book! Whether it’s in eBook, paperback, or just a picture of that beautiful cover, share an image of Conspiracy of Silence. Feel free to add in your favorite Christmas ornament. If you don’t have the book yet, use your favorite suspense book.
🔻Day 2: Book & Beverage | December 13
Just like Tox and his team, we’re working up a thirst just thinking about the mission. Share your favorite holiday drink + book.
🔻Day 3: Mission: Artifact Excavation | December 14
Just like Tzivia excavates for artifacts uncover your favorite Conspiracy of Silence quote and share! If you haven’t read it yet, use a favorite quote about adventure to fit the theme!
🔻Day 4: Assemble your team! | December 15
Just like Tox relies on his team, we readers need a team too! It’s time to assemble yours.
Option 1: Who are your favorite book hero’s? What if they all joined the same team? Take a picture of the books they are from along with Conspiracy of Silence (if you have it) – because Tox is team leader here!
Option 2: With a picture of Conspiracy of Silence tag the 5 friends you’d want on your team! Or 5 of your fav Instagram accounts.
🔻Day 5: Books & Food | December 16
Tox and his team get to try out many different types of food on their travels. Share a picture of your favorite (or strangest) food and books. See if you can get your copy of Conspiracy in there too!

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  1. Linda Reville

    I have read all of Ronie’s books, and absolutely loved every one. I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. Looking forward to reading this new series.

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