Conspiracy of Silence

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OH. MY. GOSH!! Y’ALL!!!! I just saw the cover for Conspiracy of Silence and it’s STINKIN’ AWESOME!! I cannot wait to share it with y’all, but my publisher said I can’t do that until next month. But trust me–it’ll be worth the wait!

And a smidgen of bad news–my release date is pushed back to December. Sorry. I cried, too, but I trust my publisher that this is a good move. smile emoticon


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  1. Bettye Anthony

    I have just finished the Quiet Professionals three books and they were awesome… couldn’t hardly put them down. Also read A Breed Apart Trilogy. I read the four book series also; can’t remember the name; but, just want you to know how much I’ve come to love your writing. Found your books in my Church’s library. Can’t wait until they can purchase more of your books. Looking forward to reading more of them; wish I’d known about your books a long time ago. Books are my closest and best friend in the world; except for my Lord Jesus Christ; family comes second.

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