Dead Reckoning – Re-releasing this summer!

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I’m so excited!! About a  year ago, I got the rights back to Dead Reckoning, my debut novel. It released March 2010. But since I wrote that story in late 2008, that means it’s been EIGHT YEARS and whole lot of growth in me as an author since that puppy made it to bookshelves.

In light of that, I’m going through and cleaning Dead Reckoning up and adding NEW CONTENT! I’m very excited to re-release it this summer, though I don’t have a definitive date yet. Stay tuned!!

Super fun news: Last summer, I knew I’d be re-releasing this novel, so I hired design genius, Kirk DouPonce to create a new look for Shiloh and Reece. What do you think? I absolutely adore it!!

New Cover for Dead Reckoning

                                           Dead Reckoning’s new cover designed by Kirk DouPonce

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  1. Carolyn Lewis

    I love the new cover! I am excited to see the new book with new content since I absolutely loved the original story. I really wonder what will be added…

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