Did you Zulu? Meet My inspiration…

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Did you Zulu?


Those who read the digital serial novel, Operation Zulu: Redemption might remember one of the Zulu team members, Nuala King. My own beautiful (inside & out) cousin, Nuala, was my inspiration for the fictional character. Here’s a photo my cousin posted today. Isn’t she stunning? That’s what happens when you mix Irish blood with Filipino blood.


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  1. Linda P.

    Hi Ronie, thank you so much for a wonderful first season of Zulu! I put my comment that way because I am so hoping that there will be more of the Zulu team and their handlers. Please, please, please???!!!! I purchased the ebook on a Tuesday morning during my break at work, made the mistake of starting it and then kept sneaking peaks through my workday, didn’t get to sleep until 1:30am for reading it, and then sneaked a little more the next day. Finished it late Wednesday night! You are sooo bad for me! I loved it, please give us more.

  2. Connie M.

    I read the Operation Zulu season 1 when it first came out, and I am now reading it again. I really enjoy all your books and I am very, very, very hopeful season 2 of Operation Zulu will be out soon!!!! Please don’t leave us hanging too long!

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