Dineen has the Queen of Creepy at her blog…

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Brandilyn Collins, notorious expert of writing thrilling/chilling suspense books, let my crit bud Dineen Miller into her creepy little world. LOL Seriously…it’s a great interview. You should check it out.

Robin Miller is interviewing agents who have expressed an interest in representing clients who write for the inspirational market. Run over to Robin’ s blog and see what’s happening in her world.

Well, it’s been a dull week here…a strange head flu has boggled my brain and left me for dead. I’m on the mend, but I’m also trying to catch up on college work and crits.

In my Bible study today, there was one of those lines that grips you by the back of your collar and dumps you on your deriere (however you spell that LOL). It said “Fear causes you to question what God has clearly told you to do.” (Experiencing God by David Blackaby). I sat back and suddenly realized how many times I started second-guessing. ‘What if God didn’t tell me to send it to that agent?” “What if God said to send it to X-Y-Z and I didn’t–have I screwed up His will for my life???” Well, I think I’m giving myself too much credit–after all, as long as I’m actively working to seek God and His will, then He’s going to guide me and protect me–even from my own stupidity. *grins* Can you tell I have a bit of experience with that? LOL

Anyway…I’m still not 100% from this head flu, so I won’ t bore y’all with my rambling drivel–THIS TIME. bwahahahahaha

Oh–I did get one more proposal for my space opera, Brand & Band, emailed off and will be mailing another in the next day or so. Robin asked me if I have my Genesis entry ready…um, yeah…about that…

What are y’all doing?

See ya on the flip side…

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  1. Dineen A. Miller

    Hey girl! Thanks for the plug. And congrats on the proposals! Yay! Such an awesome, amazing, incredible, magnificant, a**-kicking story! LOL! Somebody better snatch it up quick!

  2. S. A. Miller

    You’re going through Experiencing God? Good. My wife and I went through it twice.

    What am I up to? Still getting over my own head cold. My ears are still plugged, too. Still haven’t heard from ACFW whether or not I’m speaking. I’ve been getting in the mood to start writing that novel that Ron put me on a half year ago.

  3. Robin Caroll

    Sorry about the head stuff. I can well relate.

    Congrats on getting the proposal out the door! It’s always hard to put our “babies” out there, isn’t it?

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