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Phew!!! Sorry for the long break between posts. I have been buried in writing stuff. This morning, I turned in the galley for Firethorn. Wow, I can’t believe that’s the last book of the Discarded Heroes series. It feels like just yesterday I got “The Call” about that series. If you’re a reviewer, here’s some good news: Firethorn is now on NetGalley!

COOL NEWS!!! FamilyFiction online magazine named me as one of the Top 25 Christian Fiction Suspense/Mystery/Thriller writers! WOOT!! THANK YOU, FamilyFiction!!

 And last but not least, here are some amazing endorsements that have come in for Firethorn:

“Roller coaster. It’s the perfect word to describe the twists, the turns, and the rush of exhilaration that came from reading Firethorn. Once again Ronie Kendig deliverers a novel that is wildly entertaining and at the same time deeply affects your heart.”  James L. Rubart bestselling author of ROOMS, BOOK OF DAYS, and THE CHAIR

If you haven’t read Jim’s books, you have seriously ripped yourself off. Run, don’t walk to your nearest Christian bookstore, or Amazon, and buy them NOW!! He is one of the most encouraging authors I’ve met, and he’s incredibly talented. You meet a character named in honor of Jim in Wolfsbane!

Readers will fall in love with these tough as nail characters in this action packed adventure. Firethorn is fast paced with unexpected twists and turns. A joy to read. ~~Margaret Daley, an award winning author of 75 novels

As president of ACFW, Margaret is a very busy, talented lady. I am honored she took the time to read and offer her endorsement.

 Firethorn is a book that races forward on multiple fronts with the trademark action and romance that Ronie Kendig excels at. The action moves so fast with the characters I love that I couldn’t put the book down and left me longing for just a little more. ~~Cara Putman, author of Stars in the Night and A Wedding Transpires of Mackinac Island

Cara Putman is an incredible woman–author, attorney, teacher, homeschooling mom, ACFW Publicity officer…The donation of her time to read Firethorn and endorse it is humbling!!


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  1. Dee schetrom

    Ronie thank you for writing this awsome series because of you I have now red a book thatyou sudgested. I enjoyed it. But you ae my favoret writer. I am waiting on pins and needles to read Firethorne. I have told many people about you and your books. Thank you agin
    Also thank your husband for severing in the army. It is because of his and your sacrfice that we live in the country we live in.


  2. Samantha

    ITS THE LAST BOOK OF THE SERIES???? When I first read that, my mind reeled, the adrenaline rush from the stories falling by the wayside…too bad. But hey, at least I have one last book to look forward to! I have just finished the 3rd book today. I have got to say, it the best of them all! Man, the characters really grip me! I love books that make you FEEL things…I’m a young writer myself, my channel of thoughts always ending up in random scenes that I feel compelled to jot down for fear of losing the great piece…hahaha But thank you so much for your writings. You are the first Christian author that I’ve really dived into. I’m a big action fan and my dad used to be in the military (though the Marines rule!!!). hahaha, hats off to you! God bless!!!

    ~Sam ^__^

    p.s. there is so much to say but i’d never be able to leave the sight hahaha

  3. Samantha

    I forgot to mention. What about The Kid’s story??? Do we have no room for the big-mouthed, laugh-a-minute, Marshall Vaughn??? Aw, he was funny hehehe…

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