Droseran Saga #3 Title Reveal!

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TITLE REVEAL!!!! Here it is, y’all!!! Droseran Saga #3, which releases in June 2022 from Enclave Publishing, is titled:


There are so many nuances and layers to this story. You might’ve seen over the last year while we were in the agonizing throes (no, really!) of getting a home built, I made a plea with my publisher to let me break book 3 into two parts. Truth be told, I was so worried about word count that I was ready to walk away so I could publish this one on my own and do what I felt needed to be done. But thank God I have an amazing publisher who said quite simply, “Do what needs to be done.” YESSSSS!!! Thank you, Steve! I’m so glad my publisher let me have a fourth book so I could make sure justice happened to the various character and story arcs … and galaxies!
What do you think this means for Marco, Isaura, Kersei, Darius, Tigo, Eija … and the others? #cueominousmusic #justkidding #sortof

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