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This morning I went to take one of my college tests. For me, the drive affords me a thirty-minute reprieve from the chaos of homeschoolnig four children. LOL So, Ishut off the radio and in between my yelling at Texas drivers who are either driving 20 mph or 80mph in the rain, I prayed. Naturally, during the course of this quasi-quiet time, I prayed about my writing. My proctor’s assistant had mentioned something again about God’s timing…why do they always say that?? Yes. I Know my getting published is in **HIS** timing…but I was wrestling with it. And then I got to wondering why we wrestle. So, I prayed and asked God to…and I cringed right about here…help me embrace this.

Okay, so now I’m wondering, How exactly does one embrace something like this? For me, I’m going to start with realizing that even though this is NOT happening in the order I’d like it to happen–cuz most likely, I’d skip the trials and head straight to the rewards (anyone with me on that?? LOL)–I will focus on the excitment that it IS going to happen. I mean, think about it. You prepare and work and get ready for conferences and seminars…you build your excitment that it’s coming, but do you get depressed that it’s not here right now? No. You concentrate on the fact that each click (oops…slipped into my space opera there) that passes brings you one closer to the reward.

So that might seem cheesy to some, but it will help me focus on the PROMISE, not the temporal disappointment.

What are you embracing?

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  1. Jennifer Tiszai

    Yeah, Heather’s right, as much as there are days where I wish I were there RIGHT NOW! Still, I suppose I wouldn’t have such cool people to hang out with on the journey, even if it’s just through cyberspace.

    Hang in there because we are right there with you.

  2. Dineen A. Miller

    I think we’re all feeling this right now. A restless impatience. As I’ve wandered through this chaotic day, I kept hearing “slow down, slow down.” I don’t know if it’s from God or from my weary mind and body. Why are we so anxious for the goal that we forget what’s along the way–the sweet smell of friendships, the bolster of encouragement, the bonds wrought from sharing mutual goals and struggles? I’ve spun my wheels into oblivion. Now I’m ready for change. That’s what I’m embracing.

  3. S. A. Miller

    How do I embrace hi timing, and not get stressed out? For me it’s trust. Not trust in myself *shudder* but in the Almighty Creator Daddy that loves to give us wondrous Christ-mas presents at the only possible perfect moment.

    I write because I must. It’s in my DNA, given to me by my Father. I’m a writer. Therefore an audience somewhere needs to hear what I have to say.

    Publishing will come soon enough. In the meantime I’ll enjoy writing.

  4. Mirtika

    The journey is interesting, though. I mean, it’s mentally stimulating, emotionally intense, and it’s a spiritual discipline. (I believe any kind of focused creative work that requires attention and craft-work and sacrifice and has a focus on doing it “as unto the Lord” is a spiritual discipline. Basketweaving is a spiritual discipline if done “unto the Lord.”)

    So, the journey is pretty nifty, but I don’t believe it’s ALL about the journey. Hey, I actually WANT to get to a clear destination of publication, although that also is part of the journey. It’s never about just one article, story, poem or book. It’s about journeying to greater potential, yes. But a clear stop on the way is contract number one. πŸ˜€

    Like Paul, I want to run the race, and I don’t want to run it in vain. I want the prize. I want the crown. I want the “Well done.”

    I think even carpenters want to sell their creations, huh? They want someone to enjoy sitting in that chair and eating at that table. I want people to enjoy my stories and I want someone to like them enough to throw money at me. Preferable really large denominations. πŸ˜€

    Mir<--floating on dreams of advance checks and a good review or ten....

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