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So, a little breather for a post that’ll wax reflective. Growing up one of the strongest motivations for me was praise and/or rewards. Hearing praise from my mother boosted me to keep going, to do it better, stronger, MORE. Ya know? To just keep…going.

That has carried into adulthood as well. While I’m a much more confident, secure person than I ever was before, I still thrive on praise. Don’t we all? Doesn’t it fuel your day when someone says how much you bless them? When you do your job and an unexpected award lands on your desk, whether a trophy or a note card? My heart was warmed this weekend when I received a Thank You note signed by members of a Civil Air Patrol Squadron to whom I’d donated Nightshade patches they could use on their uniforms.

Christy ShadowboxAs a writer, we are almost TRAINED to look for those accolades. The first reader review. The first “high-five” from a professional reviewer–RT Reviews, Publisher’s Weekly, etc. Then we are up for industry awards (photo above of Christy Award for Wolfsbane). Reader’s Choice awards.

Sometimes, that praise, those accolades and affirmation, become a crutch. They actually weaken the person because we, as humans, start looking to others for affirmation. But what happens when the praise of man fades? When the applause from readers grows dim? Or when we become so used to the praise/reviews, WE grow deaf…it’s no longer enough?

I feel the Lord has “warned” me that 2013 would be a year EMPTY of those accolades. God’s been trying to train my mind for the last couple o f years to listen to His voice only. At first, it was listening to Him in regards to what to write and what not to. Then listening to Him when bad reviews came in. Now…he’s stripping the other voices and leaving the stage of my life dark and unlit…

atticSave One Voice. His.

I’ll confess, I’m already struggling. Feeling a smidge lost. But I hear Him. I sense His unconditional love and acceptance. He has told me to write. He has led me to where I am now. He will not fail me.

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  1. MaryLu Tynall

    Ronie, I so ADMIRE you honesty and humility. How refreshing. This is not a business for sissies. God is making a warrior out of you and I! So, let’s arm ourselves, get those shields up and fight the good fight. There is no darkness in Him and to Him, you are never lost. Love you, girl!

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  2. Kathy Rupff

    Hi Ronie, Sounds like your primary ‘love language’ may be words of affirmation. That is mine as well. I am only an aspiring author at this point and applaud you for all your accomplishments! I believe this season of trusting more fully in HIS words of affirmation will help you (me) enjoy other’s words of praise in a healthier way. Look forward to seeing you at Saturday’s seminar in Lancaster!

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      That’s a very good thought, Kathleen. I’m not sure if that’s my primary love language or giving/receiving gifts, which is something I’ve always said was my primary language. But you’ve given me food for thought on that. 😀 THANK YOU! Looking forward to seeing you, too!

  3. Ian

    Hi Ronie

    Wonderful post. I read this week that we all need to experience the wilderness before we enjoy the Promised Land. Wilderness can be many different things I guess. But it’s there where we are at our most vulnerable & need the Lord to sustain us.

    The fact you can hear Him and have such clarity with His words is super. Hang on tight. He has so much love to pour into you.

    Thank you for your vulnerability. I’ll sure be praying for you especially with your teaching gig this weekend.

    Blessings to you…Ian

  4. Caitlyn Silas

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