“Fan Art” Trinity cover

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So I got the kewlest Facebook message this week from Cory Clubb. He’s been really cool on FB and I’ve enjoyed getting to know him a bit and have LOVED seeing his amazing skillz in graphic design.

Cory said that the cover for Trinity, in his mind, didn’t really capture the essence of the story, so…he made his own.

What do you think? Is that not RAWKIN?!?! I was so stoked and impressed that I actually asked Barbour if it was too late to use Cory’s concept/layout for the cover. Alas, their version of the cover (see below) has already been set up for catalog, etc., and Talon’s is already in progress (Beowulf too), so we’re too late.

But I tell you–I’d LOVE to have Cory design a future cover. In fact, i heartily recommend him to anyone who might be doing self-publishing or have the option of using your own cover designer. Take a peek at his site and portfolio! http://coryclubb.carbonmade.com/

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