Favorite Things…2013 Edition

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Okay, I’m totally copying this from the inimitable Serena Chase at Edgy Inspirational Romance. It’s a brilliant variation on a favorites list, and I loved it so much, I’m borrowing her concept (Thank you, Serena!). Here we go….

Besides raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, I do, from time to time, discover new favorite things. Here a few from this past year.

Favorite winter accessory: Rampage Faction Boot or my BearPaw Boots
BearPaw boots Rampageboot


Favorite known-author-I-just-discovered: James Rollins – I’m ashamed I hadn’t read his books before now. I am in love with his blend of black ops and scientific/futuristic technology plotlines. In fact, I’m downright jealous. I would LOVE to pen a series in a similar vein. Rollins is officially my new favorite-favorite author.


Favorite Newly Discovered Indulgence: Caramel Cashew Trail mix (Target) – this stuff is deadly dangerous, considering my heading into a reformed eating plan starting January 6th.


Favorite known-author-I-just-discovered (inspy): Creston Mapes okay, this isn’t totally fair…I’ve read Creston before when Dark Star released, but the guy is back, and he’s better than ever!


Favorite mainstream fantasy (YA): another tie–I’m a HUGE and LOUD fan of Veronica Roth‘s Divergent series, but I’m also really enjoying Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series (did not enjoy the Immortal Instruments series).



Favorite brew-at-home coffee:  Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Mudslide, 24-Count K-Cup for Keurig Brewers


Favorite Speculative Series (inspy) : Jim Rubart‘s “series” with Memory’s Door & Soul’s Gate.


Favorite new-to-me technology: Microsft Surface tablet & keyboard – So, I’ve had some trouble with my device. It died within a month of purchase. “Catastrophic failure” is the word tech support used. I have a new one, but there were so many updates that it started acting weird…I lost heart…but finally returned to my beloved device and we’re getting along just fine now.


Favorite Speculative Series (mainstream): Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series – This year, on the advice of “big brother” Jim Rubart, I delved into Robert Jordan’s fantastical and amazing world. I’m only three books in (give a girl a break–these things are TOMES!), but I LOVE it!


Favorite New TV Show: it’s a tie: Almost Human & Sleepy Hollow
These shows are quite amaizng for different reasons. Almost Human, well–can we say Karl Urban? Hello? The dude totally owns any role he assumes. I am a die-hard fan. And this series is just like feeding my fanaticism. Love the concept and it’s just–did I  mention Karl Urban?

Sleepy Hollow is a bit on the gory side, but I absolutely adore the British guy. LOL No, seriously–what I love is that this series tends to incorporate little-known facts of history. They also tease the viewer with supernatural twists on commonly held “facts”. These things keep the plot lines fresh (hm, or is old–since Ichabod Crane is over 200 years old?).

         AlmostHuman         sleepy-hollow-poster

TV Show I would totally watch . . . if it was real: a series based off James Rollins Sigma Force team. Totally needs its own television drama.


Favorite song (worship): Chris Tomlin’s SOVEREIGN

Favorite song (secular): Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling’s RADIOACTIVE

Favorite Debut Novel: Either Serena Chase’s THE RYN or Patrick Carr’s A CAST OF STONES. I was incredibly surprised at the depth and skill wielded by both these authors. Brilliant writing, amazing storyworld, and wonderful characters. MUST READS!!

Eyes of E'veria


Favorite Band or Music Group: The Letter Black  or Skillet


Favorite Movie – Star Trek: Into Darkness – I am totally in love with the new takes on the Star Trek franchise. Chris Pine is a brilliant actor!


Favorite beauty product: Estee Lauder’s Estee Lauder Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia Eau De Parfum Spray – 30ml/1oz perfume – a gift from my hubby


Favorite milestone: getting a totally awesome, movie-poster worthy cover. Humongous thanks to Kirk Douponce of DogEared Design for lending his seriously skills to the Raptor 6 cover! My hubby surprised me with a framed poster-sized copy!


Annnd another selfish one–getting to meet my amazing, brilliant friend from Down Under, Rel Mollet. This event was truly a gift from God and sealed our friendship in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Rel is truly one of the most generous and brilliant women I’ve ever known!

What were a few of your favorite things in 2013?

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  1. Amy

    Mrs. Kendig,

    Technically this isn’t a 2013 favorite, but I saw this show and immediately thought of you. It’s called “Enlisted” and it’s on FOX. I’ve attached the link to the pilot episode. As someone who writes about our brave military men and women it seems like it would be something you would enjoy. It’s funny, but also has a serious side to it that makes me proud to be an American and humbled by the sacrifice our military and their families give to ensure our freedom.

    There are some questionable humor parts, and I hope you aren’t offend by them. That was not my intent. I find it to be a wonderful story of brotherly love not only in a family way but also in arms.

    Kind regards,

    ~ Amy

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