Fear Itself At Novel Journey

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Well, y’all, it’s that time again–for my monthly post at Novel Journey. This time I’m talking fear. Or maybe NO FEAR!?!? LOL

Take a gander at the article. Hope it helps someone!

I’m up to my eyeballs in research and reading books. I am so glad God’s keeping me humble, and reminding me that I still have so very much to learn. But really…sometimes it’s quite daunting. I wish I had a “thinking” persona the way my husband does. Well…maybe not. I really like my ability to detect and understand what people are feeling. I think that’s what makes me a strong writer.

So, I’m digging into book 2 of the Discarded Heroes, DIGITALIS. This time, it’s Colton’s story. And the poor guy is having a rough go of things. I’d ask you to pray for him, but I guess that wouldn’t help much since he isn’t real. *grins*

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