Final Deposit by Lisa Harris

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I am *so* thrilled to tell y’all that my awesome friend and crit partner, Lisa Harris, has her first book with Steeple Hill’s Love Inspired Suspense coming out in Septmeber. Final Deposit is a fabulously unique story, and I absolutely love the way Lisa weaves this story together. Here is a blurb of the book:

In 2006, the Internet Crime Report showed growing criminal activities targeting Americans had resulted in an estimated loss of almost two hundred million dollars. Thousands of people were scammed in such infamous con games like the Nigerian scam, fund transfer scams, and mail-order-brides.

Imagine finding out that your father has fallen victim to one of these long cons. After disposing of all his stocks, mortgaging his house, and maxing out his credit cards, George Taylor flies to Europe to meet with the man who promised him millions for his help in expediting funds out of West Africa. It’s a fortune he will never see.

When Lindsey Taylor tries to save her father from losing his life savings to the Internet scam, she discovers that losing everything you have isn’t the worst thing that can happen.

This book is a must-read! With a strong heroine, an intriguing hero, and a father you just want to wrap in your arms and console, I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

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