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Firethorn – A Discarded Heroes Novel (2018)

HOOAH! FIRETHORN IS BACK!! A couple of years ago, I got the rights back to the Discarded Heroes (which meant it was officially “out of print’)and have finally managed to update/revised FIRETHORN, the last installment. So, edits, rewrites, and a splash of new content. I’m so glad to get this back up for sale for those who have not yet read the Discarded Heroes. And to my uber-loyal readers who are buying this new collection–HOOAH!! You are truly Tier One readers!




****PLEASE NOTE****: If you’re buying the NEW paperback, make sure the image on the retailer shows the new cover, not the old. Both Amazon & B&N show the OLD/ORIGINAL paperbacks, which are sold by resellers. The updated version will be available after the first of the New Year.

MEGA THANKS TO: Mikal Dawn, Author and Katie Donovan for reading for typos and formatting problems, of which this former print file had a LOT. Also, HUGE thanks to Rel Mollet, who helped get Firethorn formatted and uploaded to the various online retailers. And to Sarah Monzon who gave me some late-night tips when nefarious typos appeared in the final document somehow. Thank you, Ladies! You are DA BOMB!!!


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