First Copy of conspiracy arrives!

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So, I slit open a padded envelope from my publisher, expecting a book by another author. But what to my wondering  eyes should appear but this gorgeous beauty? Conspiracy of Silence looked amazing on my computer–but it’s BRILLIANT in my hot little hands!! Just one more month–so make sure you PREORDER NOW!!



First copy with a note from my editors!


Prolific military suspense author Kendig (Operation Zulu Redemption) is at the top of her game as she introduces Cole “Tox” Russell and his paramilitary adventures in this opening book of her Tox Files series. Former Special Forces soldier Tox and his team of operatives must cross the globe in search of the cure of an ancient plague, which appears to have been unleashed from an excavation in Israel. Joining Tox is FBI agent Kasey Cortes, an old friend with an old crush. Navigating their reconnection proves as challenging as the mystery of the elusive secret society they seek to discover—a group willing to let a worldwide disease spread in order to maintain their power, which is wrapped up in an ancient biblical text called Aleppo Codex. Kendig keeps the tensions high and the pace lightning fast, with military action scenes worthy of Vince Flynn. Especially noteworthy is watching the character development of elite modern warriors forced to confront and accept ancient history, faith, and supernatural power. Kendig fans will love this opening novel in her new series. Agent: Steve Laube, The Steve Laube Agency (Dec.) Reviewed on 10/21/2016 | Release date: 12/01/2016 | Details & Permalink


Yesterday was Halloween, and while our family doesn’t “celebrate,” we have a very active, tight-knit neighborhood, so my twin sons handed out candy, all while dressed up as W.D. Gaster from Undertale. They put their costumes together, so this mama is pretty proud of their creativity.


Ronie’s twin sons in costumes as W.D. Gaster


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