First Firethorn Copy Arrived!

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Saturday, we got a few packages (yes, Christmas shopping!) but when I saw one was from Barbour, I thought it might be a book I’d agreed to read. Imagine my delight when I opened the package and found this:

THE FIRST COPY OF FIRETHORN!! Woot! I am so excited. There’s little more than two weeks left before the explosive conclusion to the Discarded Heroes releases. If you’re fast, you can preorder FIRETHORN now at and save almost 40% off retail–it’s only $7.99!!

And here’s a bit of exciting news: Crossings Book Club will be featuring NIGHTSHADE in February as their Featured Alternate Selection. If you’re not familiar with Crossings–I strongly encourage you to check out this club. Years ago, i was a member (and plan to rejoin!!) and LOVED getting hardback copies of my favorite fiction titles. I have all of Dee Henderson’s early books (The O’Malley series and Uncommon Heroes) in hardback! And I’m tickled pink to get copies of the Discarded Heroes (assuming Nightshade does well, Crossings said it would carry the others–so please help me make that happen)!

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