Glitch detected–help us before it’s too late!

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There’s been a glitch. Reece contacted me and said they seem to have lost her trail. Part of the problem was the video he’d sent me. The low quality, low visibility and rough audio (no doubt done to protect his identity and Shiloh’s) forced many on the mission to abandon the hope finding Julia.

Reece has forwarded me the transcript from the video. I can only hope we aren’t too late.

SHILOH: Hey – we’re at the house. Julia’s not here but we can tell she was. She left a clue behind. But . . . it’s not making sense. I think we’re close though. Might not have to kill Ronie after all.

REECE: Easy, Shi.

SHILOH: Fans of Ronie? Who wants to be Ronie’s fan.

REECE: Shi—think! Does Ronie have a fan page somewhere?

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  1. Danica/Dream

    So glad you translated!

    It's on Ronie's Facebook Fan page. The clue is "Find me where you two met." So do we find Julia where Ronie and Kim met or where Reece and Shiloh met? Hmmm….

  2. Danica/Dream

    So does that mean we get to go to India? Hurry up with the next clue! I'm dying to find out how you make us go to India.

  3. Lynn

    Followed the clues to your Facebook Fan page. You and Kim met at ACFW, I think, but if there were further clues on the ACFW website, I didn't find them.

    Reece and Shiloh met in Mumbai, India. If that was the clue, then Julia is in Mumbai.

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