Happy 4th of July!!!

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There’s a lot happening in our country that has our great nation in turmoil, our people divided, but on this day–we are united! This is our country! Fought for and paid with the blood of patriots.

First–I want to share this video of Madison Rising‘s amazing rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. I normally don’t like “artsy” version of our national anthem, but I ADORE this one. They “get” what it’s about. The song leaves me pumped up!

Before I leave you to your barbecues and fireworks…two things:

1.) REMEMBER OUR COMBAT VETERANS when you do you fireworks. If you have a neighbor who has served, please talk to them. In the least, prepare them for your fireworks so they can be ready with noise-canceling headphones. Personally, we’ll be taking Vvolt N629 (ret) into our basement, cranking the TV and hoping we don’t have tog I’ve him a doggie valium.


2.) FREEDOM APPAREL!! GABRIEL MARTINEZ, the USMC hero, Purple Heart recipient, and Falcon’s awesome cover model has opened a shop. It’s been such an honor to get to know Gabe and his wife–they are truly amazing people. His tenacity in the face of tragedy, her unwavering support of her hero and undaunted strength in taking care of their family…really, I could never do justice in my books to a family like this, though I try constantly. THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL. So, it’s an honor to support them by sharing their new business venture. PLEASE–if you have a military hero who loves kick-butt shirts that represent their hardcore dedication to our country–you HAVE to check out Gabe’s shop! Support a military hero!!

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