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As always, I’m STOKED to share the most recent cover with you–this time for HAWK,  Quiet Professionals #2. As with Raptor, the model on this cover is a veteran (this model served in the Air Force).


A terrorist is playing chess with Raptor—and it might be the undoing of Hawk.

Staff Sergeant Brian “Hawk” Bledsoe is a man of his word. But when he gives a promise to the green-eyed Afghan woman named Fekiria, the short-fused soldier never knew how much it could cost him.

Fekiria Haidary is keeping secrets and telling lies. Going against her strict traditional upbringing and estranged from her family, she is a pilot with the Afghan Air Force.

On a mission to track down the terrorist who has plagued Raptor and the U.S. military with corrupted intel and planted information, Brian and his brothers-in-arms are nearly killed when their location is bombed. Hunting the attacker, Brian stumbles upon Fekiria and her friend, who are protecting several young girls from the Taliban.

Fleeing for their lives, Brian is embroiled in a daring escape into the mountainous Tera Pass.  As frigid temperatures, crippling injuries, and friction between Brian and Fekiria strain their survival prospects, Brian uncovers a lethal threat against Raptor and is faced with an impossible decision: save Raptor or save Fekiria and the girls.

What do you think? Sound intriguing?!? LEAVE A COMMENT for a chance to enter a drawing to win a copy of RAPTOR 6!!

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  1. Nikki O.

    I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to get here! These books sound so awesome and I cannot wait to read them. All the best to you!

  2. Mary Foster

    Ronie, I am so excited! What a wonderful way to honor our veterans, through putting them on covers and writing about what they do. God bless you as you work for Him. I love you girlfriend. You are a breath of fresh air and an encouragement to me. Hugs!!

    1. Post
  3. Susan Snodgrass

    I haven’t read any of your books, except that novella a few years ago. I have some in my to read basket! I just keep buying more and more books and time still remains 24 hours a day.

    This synopsis sounds terrific! I want to win this book and I’m definitely buying Hawk.

  4. Nancy S. Henson

    Sounds like an edge of your fanny (uh … seat) read. Love the cover – so glad that you’ve found vets to pose for this series. Would love to have an opportunity to win this one … I’m patiently waiting for the 1st one to come out :).

  5. Heidi Reads...

    Fantastic cover!!! I love that he’s rescuing a child. Your books sound so intense- perfect for a road trip or vacation with plenty of reading time because I can’t imagine being able to put it down! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Lynda E.

    I’m loving your covers for the Quiet Professionals series–this one is even better than the first! Thanks for the giveaway and for the sneak peek at the cover for Hawk!

  7. Dyane

    Oh my! I can’t wait…and I have such a hard time waiting for new books to come! I love it! I look forward to reading another one of your books!

  8. Rachel Schofield

    The cover looks great and the book sounds like another gripping read! I can’t wait to read ‘Raptor 6’…and then ‘Hawk’!

  9. Elizabeth Leagan

    Way to tease us, girl! LOVE the cover, and what I’ve read. Eagerly awaiting this to come out. Love any & everything you write! 🙂 Keep up the awesome work. (I still don’t know how you find time to write, especially now that you have Vvolt. How many hands do you have?!?)

  10. Lynn :O)

    I’m really looking forward to adding this to my bookshelf :O)

    I love that there are now some “manly” covers that stand out. At the bookstore we have a lot of Amish, Historical, girlie covers. I love whenever I can add a book that shows real hero men. Thank you.

  11. Diantha Schetrom

    I cant wait for this to come out. I have been counting down the days until it comes out. Thanks for writing great books.

  12. Becky VanVoorhees

    Wow what a teaser for a book love it. Can’t wait for this one to come out. I really love everything you write. Keep the books rolling out. The cover is awesome. Even though I never win drawings like this, it’s worth a shot just to try.

  13. Rissi

    Congrats, Ronie! Love this cover – it depicts heroism yet offers a tender picture. Well done to the design team – and to you for another book. 🙂

  14. Jeanie Dannheim

    Love the cover art!! And looking forward to reading the new series; thank you for the chance to win Raptor 6!!

  15. Rebecca Oxenreider

    I absolutely LOVE your stories and cannot wait for Raptor 6 to come out! The cover for Hawk is amazing! Your are an incredibly talented writer and have become one of my absolute favorites!

  16. Michelle T

    Can’t wait to read this series! Love your other books, so I know I will love these. Would love to win a copy of Raptor.

  17. Sandra Cleary

    The title sounds intriguing. Story sounds like a Matt Damon movie. Cover looks inviting. I would pick it up to read a bit more about book.

  18. Lisa Medeiros

    I think this is my favourite covers of all of yours yet and the story sounds amazing…. Will have to make sure my house is clean and kids are fed before I start reading lol! 🙂

  19. Anjelica Donegan

    The story sounds amazing and I will just have to read it. The cover for Hawk is great! This is something my daughter Kara will remember. She thanks you for a memorable experience!!!

    1. Post

      THANK YOU For letting Kara be a part of this cover!! If you will email me, I’d like to be sure you get copies of the book when it releases. Thank you again!! roniekendig [at] gmail [dot] com

  20. Anne Payne

    The covers just keep getting better and better! Can’t wait to start this series. Well, I have Raptor 6 for review through NetGalley but print always is better to me 😉

  21. Kandra

    Finally! I have been waiting for another Ronie Kendig novel to be released! Both of these new ones look great, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  22. Sharon

    Just finished the Military dog series, absolutely loved them!! Having Marine son that just got out with a TIN, I enjoyed understanding more of what they feel. Thank you and I fantastical read the next book!!

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