HELP me find Dean Watters from Raptor Six

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Hey, y’all! Well, I’m officially on a hunt for a man. LOL The designer for Raptor Six told me he’s having difficulty finding a model who is also a veteran, a request I’d made (if possible). So, I’m campaigning to find DEAN WATTERS’s cover model.

Here is the image I’ve used while writing. It was posted on FB by Honor Them.

WatterboyHonorThemHere are the requirements:

  1. Must live in Colorado; the closer to Woodland Park, the better (that’s where the cover designer is).
  2. Must be a male, white Caucasian; very tanned (not Latino, African American or Middle Eastern)
  3. Must be around 30 years old
  4. Dark hair and brown eyes
  5. The guy needs to have an intense/focused look or able to produce that for the photographer
  6. Needs to be active duty or prior military

If you know of someone who might be interested, please have them send me their information, along with a photo. I cannot guarantee who will get chosen or how, but I’m passing candidates on to the brilliant cover designer! ronie [at] roniekendig [dot] com.


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  1. Kimberly Weathers

    I haven’t met a man like this in Colorado, but I have such a heart for military men. And I LOVE your books! I know it’s probably impossible, but I would love to help your designer. I live in Colorado as well!

    Thank you,
    Kimberly Weathers

  2. Rheta Ellis

    Hi Roni K,

    I just had a thought if you can’t find somebody maybe, you can look at somebody from the police SWAT team!. They are very focus people and they take their job just as seriously as the military do. Just a idea.

    Take care

    Rheta Ellis

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