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HOOAH! . . . I have heard your railing and objections about the raw deal Eamon “Titanis” Straider received in FALCON (no spoilers, but I’ll confess–even I was upset). Because Titanis was one of my favorite characters, and because I want my readers to keep reading and remember that there’s always hope . . . you will soon be able to delve into Eamon’s pursuit of truth aboard his super-yacht, the ViCross, in a 39k-word novella. We have no firm release date, though we are currently aiming for the first week of April. Many things must fall into place first, including the finished cover.


(thanks to Emilie Hendryx of E.A. Creative for this amazing teaser image)


I loved this story! A handsome, heartbreaking hero fighting his demons; a courageous, compassionate heroine who possesses the key to unlock the past—and set him free. Set on the beautiful seas off Australia’s coast, Titanis is a fast-paced, romantic, poignant adventure—the perfect Saturday afternoon read!  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!  Susan May Warren, admitted Ronie Kendig fan and USA Today best-selling, RITA award-winning author of Wild Montana Skies.


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  1. Mara Mittelman

    Thank you Thank you!!! So excited to read about Titanis, as you know because I have pestered Ms. Ronie since I read Falcon!

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